What you need to know about Coupons & Coupon Trading ? Great for Newbies :)

no nosNew to Coupons? Things you must know πŸ™‚

  • You cannot photocopy coupons ~ it’s fraud ~ A coupon clearly knows how many “legitimate” coupons were issued. If companies find people continuing to photocopy coupons they will stop issuing them and we don’t want that! Stores will stop accepting printed coupons and we don’t want that either πŸ™
  • Use Canada only coupons –Β  Trying to pass off coupons that are only good in the USA will result in a loss of revenue for the store and they will stop accepting coupons
  • Use Valid Expiry Dates– Please ensure you coupons are valid.
  • Peelie Coupons on Products– DO not remove peelie coupons off products; they are intended for those customers purchasing the product; if you purchase the product ensure the cashier redeems it at the cash.
  • Coupons on package– Any coupons hanging with an elastic, inside packaging or by other means is intended for the person purchasing the product. Do not remove unless you are purchasing the product and at the cash remove the coupon.
  • Tear Pads – There areΒ  limited amount of tear pads in the store; they are intended for ALL their customers. Please do not take all the coupons. A recommended family size is 6. Do not take more coupons that you need. If you go back a few weeks later and there are still some left and you need more take a few more; but please do not take more than needed. Let’s be fair to everyone.

Quick & Fast Coupon Rules

While coupon polices vary from store to store the basics are:

  • Must be valid in Canada
  • Must have a valid expiry date
  • Must have a UPC
  • One coupon per item

Trading Coupons

Please be fair when trading coupons; keep in mind many places; especially on the east coast have limited stores and much of this part of the country is rural. There are very limited tear pads and options.Β  Coupons are free. They didn’t cost you anything. If you are trading them; that means you don’t need them and if someone is asking for them it means they need them.

There are some people out there that are extremely greedy and want your next born to trade coupons. It is not worth it. If people are being unrealistic don’t trade with them; if more people would do this; these people would not be so greedy.

People often ask what is fair when doing coupon trades; here is my advice. $10 worth of coupons are worth $10 worth of coupons. It doesn’t matter if they are Free product coupons are not. $10 Savings is worth $10 of Savings. It shouldn’t matter if one person can get something free or not. $10 worth of coupons is still $10 worth of coupons!

If you are late sending out a trade or something happens; simply contact the person and let them know. We have all have made mistakes, left them on the sun visor in the car. It happens. When you keep people updated they are happy.

If someone does not come through on a trade, contact them a few times and give time for real life πŸ™‚ It does happen sometimes !



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