What you should know about Online Shopping on Black Friday! #BlackFriday #OnlineShopping

bfWhat you should know about Online Shopping on Black Friday!

– Search for your stores through eBates or Swagbucks or both for Cash Back! I use them both personally as sometimes one has a higher amount of cash back than the other. They are both free to join. They are both trusted sites; I have used both for many years. I have received almost $1000 cash back from using eBates and close to $400 via Swagbucks (Swagbucks you can also earn different ways)

– Remember that black Friday sales start at 12:01 AM and be mindful of your time zone. I know many major retailers use Ontario time so where I live in Nova Scotia I know the sales start at 1:01 AM . Make sure you are aware so you do not miss out on those must have items

– For HOT HOT items consider doing separate transactions so you do not miss the item. Most sites have a spend $50 get free shipping. Order your item such as that mini Ipad on sale, complete transaction. That why you know you have that item. Than move to the next. If you wait and load all the times, with heavy traffic on the sites you may end up loosing all the items in your card.

– Have any loyalty card #’s such as Air Miles out and ready. I like to have notepad opened and them all there so I can simply copy and paste as I need it along with any special coupon codes from emails.

– Stick with sites you are familiar with and know are legit if you are using your credit card such as Amazon, Walmart, Carters, etc and NEVER save your credit card information in the site (look for the box to uncheck) even on secure sites as there is no need to have that information saved in the event of a hack.

~~~ Happy Shopping ~~~

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