Whats the Deal? Free Maple Leaf Ready Crisp Bacon or Maple Leaf Prime Stuffed Chicken

1620514_10154657533568047_5828483451292422109_nFree Maple Leaf Ready Crisp Bacon or Maple Leaf Prime Stuffed Chicken


You have seen the posts! People with TONS & Tons of bologna, bacon, hams, etc and telling you they got them for free or  for pennies. You have tried to ask how, but you get lots of others asking, 1/2 explanations and mass confusion.

Where do the coupons come from?? You can find the “famous” coupons on the boxes of the Maple Leaf Prime Stuffed Chicken and/or the Maple Leaf Ready Crisp bacon!

What coupons are they? The top one gives you the free product and it is considering a peelie, which means you have a right to use it at the cash! There are also $15 worth of coupons




How do I get bacon, bologna & deli meat for free? Very often lately you will see bacon, bologna or deli meat on sale for $2.50; if you use a $2.50 coupon, that would make them free.

Can I use the $2.50 coupon for deli meat at the Super Store when they have 50% off sticker on the meat? Most stores will let you however it does depend on the individual store.

If I buy 3 bacon and use 3 coupons, can I still use a coupon for the free product? 98% of the stores will let you as it is NOT stacking, it is one coupon per product. You are buying 4 products and using 4 coupons. The only place I have had an issue with this is the Super Store.

What is the actual promotion? You can buy ANY 3 Maple Leaf, Larsen, Sunrise or Schneiders products and you can get a Free Maple Leaf Ready Crisp Bacon or Maple Leaf Prime Stuffed Chicken; provided you can find the coupons on the package or have some!

What products do you mean by ANY?

  • Maple Leaf Canned Meat
  • Maple Leaf Meat Pies
  • Schneiders & Maple Leaf Ham
  • Schneiders Pepperettes
  • Scheniders, Larsens or Sunrise Bologna
  • Maple Leaf Natural Selections Deli Meat
  • Scheniders Country Naturals Deli Meat
  • Sunrise Sausage
  • Sunrise Burgers
  • Maple Leaf Chicken Nuggets, Strips, Burgers
  • Lunchables
  • Hot Dogs
  • Maple Leaf Pizza Pockets
  • Maple Leaf Ground Chicken
  • Maple Leaf Protein Packs
  • Maple Leaf Chicken
  • Theses are just a few examples of products that count!

What are the cheapest products to buy to start gaining the coupons? Watch your flyers however the canned mean and meat pies are generally the cheapest to get you started.

When does the promotion end?  June 30/2016


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