When furnace Oil is Free! You need to ask

When furnace Oil is Free! You need to ask!!

We have always had automatic fill up for our oil as it is something you never want to find yourself running out of. Yesterday we thought it was odd we hadn’t seen the oil truck in a bit. We checked the oil tank and pretty much empty so we called the oil company to ask what was up. They assured us someone would call us and if we ran out and the furnace stopped they would pay a tech to bleed it and get it started.

A half hour later we ran out of oil, called them back and we were told not to worry the truck would call us. Good thing we had the means, as we had a huge storm coming, we went to town to get some oil to make sure we had some for the storm. First thing this morning the driver arrives and indicates no one told him we needed oil yesterday. My spouse being understandably angry called back our oil place, we got one excuse after another and my spouse demanded to speak to someone higher up. We had to wait for a phone call. An hour later we received a phone call.

We asked the purpose of automatic fill up, what benefit there was to being a long time loyal customer and why we received such run around yesterday and NO oil, despite their being an emergency number, why did NO one tell the driver.  The spouse asked point blank, what sort of compensation are we getting for that. What if we went away and we had ran out of oil in these conditions, pipes could have broken, who knows what damage could have happened. They agreed and we are getting a $200 credit.

The moral of the story is, if you are a loyal customer of a company and you sign up for a service and take advantage of their suggested services such as automatic fill up and the company does not provide the service; you should be compensated for breach of the contract. Never be afraid to stand up and ask.]]

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