Where are they?? Buytopia Per Christmas Tim Horton’s Deals #TimHortons

main_image_wide-1417188896-150x150Buytopia Per Christmas Tim Horton’s Deals


Did you purchase one or two of the Buytopia Tim Horton’s deals before Xmas?

  • $2 for $3 gift card
  • $3 for $5 gift card

Wondering where they are???? Me too so I emailed to find out what was up????

This is the response I received from them today!!

Good day,

We apologize for the delay on your Tim Hortons gift card. Please rest assured that the expiry date on the voucher will not apply and your gift card will still be valid. We are shipping gift cards out early next week, so you can expect to receive it in the mail by the following week. We apologize for any inconvenience that this delay may have caused.




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