WHOOH! 89% SAVINGS @ #Superstore ! Not bad huh :)

IMG_7634 (640x480)Ventured out today to grab some BBQ Sauce 🙂

An Amazing person, sent me an little envie 🙂 With some Amazing coupons ~ Thanks Geraldine 🙂

The coupons included Buy 4 Save $2 on Kraft Products! Bulls Eye BBQ Sauce is on sale for $1.00 ….I HAD TO GO TO THE STORE!!

Here is some of what I used :

IMG_7632 (640x319)IMG_7633 (640x480)These Werther’s Bags are AWESOME for heavier stuff! Lots of BBQ sauce 🙂

IMG_7635 (301x640)I had 2 FCP (Free Product Coupons) for Baboo

I had a Kandoo FPC (Free Product Coupon) so I got the big refill size for the wipes!


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