WHOOH!! Looks like Opportunity is a Knocking ! Not just for me but for you too!! #Purex #Coupons #CouponNannie

IMG_8436 (480x640)WHOOH!! Looks like Opportunity is a Knocking ! Not just for me but for you too!!

When I tell you guys and gals I’m always looking for new products and opportunities for us all; It’s not just words it’s true 🙂 One of the amazing places is the Henkel Insiders ! They branched over the Canada! They put out several call outs looking for bloggers.

I spotted the key words “Free” “Try out” “Review” “Coupons for Fans” “Opportunity ” 🙂 If your a blogger Click Here to see the post and how you can get in on upcoming opportunities for you and your fans 🙂

Up to speed 🙂 Yes, Roy in facts does the laundry ! His ADHD comes in handy for house cleaning and things around the house ! Good thing he’s not bald or Mr. Clean could be in for a run for his money !

Soooooo the dogs blankets are in the washer right now and we cracked open the Purex ! Devyn’s clothes are first in line for the washer in the morning! Pet & Toddler laundry!!!! Let’s see what happens !!


Depending on the weather (we don’t use a dryer in warmer months) within a few days I’ll be able to successfully post our review on what we think of Purex plus Oxi and Zout Stain Removers!

When I post the review, we will have a giveaway for a few lucky Coupon Nannie fans to be able to try it out for FREE!! They sent a few FPC (Free Product Coupons) along as well.

IMG_8437 (474x640)Here is a little tease!! See them! Oh Oh Oh How many coupons are there I wonder ?? !!!

Coupon Nannie fans 🙂 This is just one of the great opportunities we have in store here at Coupon Nannie! Our sister site CanadianBasics has some amazing things in the works too 🙂

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  1. Lucky chick!!! I can’t wait to read your review to get a chance at winning a FPC for the product 🙂 🙂 Thanks for sharing! And there seems to be lots of FPC’s in there! 🙂 It looks like a tablet!!

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