Whooh! Love Free Stuff! See how to get Stuff FREE!! Love #Pampers

pampersgo puppyPampers Rewards 🙂

Loving Pampers Rewards ~ formally known as Pampers Gifts to Grow~ to Get Amazing things for the kids FOR free!!! I ordered this great Go Puppy for Devyn for Christmas!! When I ordered the Manhattan Toy Go Puppy it also gave me the options to order up to 3 samples (I think I had that option of 4 lol) The best deal I felt was the Swiffer Duster!

I only ordered this on August 25th 🙂 See the post here


You do not need to buy Pampers or be a mom to participate in Pampers Rewards! You can score Pampers Rewards codes at various times. Facebook ones are worth 10 points and Twitter codes are worth 5 Points! We try to post them all ! Here is an example of one of those posts we just did!!


Did you know you can score bonus points for just reviewing and giving you opinions on Pamper products?? Check it out!!


Check it out and see what cool options you can score!! Love Fee Stuff!! Cost out of pocket ~ ZIP ZIP!!

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