WHOOH! What I learned at #ShoppersDrugMart today :) Great Trip!

IMG_8442 (640x329)Shoppers Drug Mart 🙂 Love it more Daily 🙂

Strange huh? Roy & I both have different optimum cards; we use them equally the same 🙂 We get identical email coupons but our mailed to our home coupons are always so different! Anyone else have 2 different cards in the house and get different offers?

I went to Shopppers today to get Devyn’s Baboo! Most stores around here only carry 6 (No idea why but) Shoppers always seems to have 12 🙂 Anyways…. I was speaking to Kym she’s one of the lovely supervisors at our Shoppers who was helping in the post office today. We were chatting coupons, deals, grandbabies, etc and I mentioned how it would be much better if Shoppers had like 24 Baboo, as often esp when they have the 20 X Event etc….sooo she introduced me to the manager, he and I had a love chat, he was glad to finally meet the “Nannie” 🙂 He has no problem ever ordering thing in 🙂 He needs some notice ! He’s very happy to meet the needs of out of town shoppers; there is a lady he has met that comes down once a month from Amherst a few that come up from Halifax. He loves couponers and coupons! And he’s ordering in Devyn’s 24 of Baboo 🙂

Did you know why Coupons are more frequently found on cardboard displays, on the actual product and “not” on the shelf as much?

A certain “Smart” coupon distributor who he could not name 🙂 pays a fee to be the “ONLY” ones attached to the “Shelf” . Cardboard displays are not part of the shelf 🙂

If you ask a manager if you can put coupons on the shelf to leave for others; due to the contract he has he will need to say No……… however if you simply place them on the shelf by the product and no one is going to run around and throw them out 🙂

His attitude towards coupons…. “it’s pretty simple….. read the coupon, we’ll follow whatever the coupon says, if it says we can take 2 coupons per item, we’ll take 2 coupons per item, a general rule of thumb usually with coupons is if you have 10 items you can use 10 coupons, if they are valid in Canada and not expired your probably good to go”

We had a great chat about optimum points, building points up, using coupons with shoppers promotions, huge redemption days (like the $250 one???) , clearance items, pricing, ordering, how far in advance orders need to be placed, canceled, delivery days 🙂  Sometimes it just pays to listen 🙂

OH The Clearances Deals today!

  • 3 X Ipod4 cases NHL ones 🙂 Regular $17.99 on Clearance for $1 ….. I paid for 2 🙂 SCOP on one 🙂 saw that coming didn’t you!
  • 2 X Ipod5 Marvel Cases Regular $17.99 on Clearance for $1 ….. yep I only paid for one of those too 🙂
  • 3 X Parissa Eyebrow Wax was on clearance for $1 ……paid for 2!!

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