Why are Canadians going hungry? This will boggle your mind #NoCanadiansGoHungry

Why are Canadians going hungry? Why do food banks need to beg for food?waste

I cannot believe the amount of food that is thrown out EVERY single day at Every single store!

We recently got farm animals, including pigs so I asked a few merchants what they did with their compost, their fruits and veggie that they write off as no good and if I could get them for our pigs and animals. I was given the the go ahead and told, you know where the green bin is. It is first come first serve, please do not leave a mess.

What we expected was perhaps one of those small buckets each night of bruised up fruits and vegetables, What we got was CRAZY CRAZY and totally unacceptable!

There are people going hungry in this country. There are children starving and food banks begging for food to fill their shelves. There are people struggling to be able to afford vegetables and fruits for their families. We saw peppers today at the grocery story for $3.99. Tonight out of the compost, we got a bucket full of NON bruised or hurt peppers. There was an entire laundry basket of tomatoes, nothing at all on them, not soft, no cuts or bruises, but in the trash!

There was a HUGE box of eggs that contained dozens upon dozens of eggs, marked damaged. each dozen had one cracked or broken egg. Kids got up this morning and had nothing to eat for breakfast, they went hungry.

We emptied the bags upon bags upon bags of bread and muffins and rolls. Nothing wrong with them. No mold, not even past expiry but getting close. Tossed in the trash.

There were apples so shiny that they could blind you, no bumps, no bruises, but yet children going to bed hungry tonight.

This picture is what was taken from 2 stores compost bins. Just tonight. How many families could that feed? What could the food bank do what that much food? There would never be a need for a food drive again.

That is not even counting the meat thrown out; yet the prices remain high, families struggle to feed their families. Now if that is the bed of a 1/2 ton truck from 2 stores. What would it look like from all the stores? Just in the town where I live? How much food is thrown out across the province, every day? How about across the country?

I would ask each and every one of you to do your part to ask questions to see what we can do to stop this waste and put this healthy food in the stomach of all Canadians. Let’s start our own movement #NoCanadiansGoHungry

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