Why knowing your Policies and Price Checking can save you a bundle ! #SCOP

SCOP  Why know your Prices & Policies can save you a bundle!

Like most of Canada right now our hour has the cold/flu 🙁 There were a few deals on my list I just couldn’t pass up! Our house uses so much cheese and cheese products it’s crazy! I noticed the new Black Diamond Cheese Spread was on sale this week for $3.29 at SuperStore and I had $1.00 off Coupons! 3 Free Product Coupons fro Catelli Gluten Free and well soup was on for $0.67 a can so Roy grabbed a few. We got to the cash; I noticed the price of the Black Diamond rang up as $4.29 and I mentioed it to the cashier who flat out told me I was wrong!  It has happened before with larger order BUT I wrote it down as I thought I was going to send Roy origionally instead of go myself.  Total came to $17.85 – $15.00 Gift Card I just got in the mail is $2.85 out of pocket! I shouldn’t complain really now should I? BUT I was overcharged and due to the SCOP policy  (Click here to read more on SCOP) Basically if it rings up at the wrong price you get it free.

I went and retreived a flyer and found the cheese spread and yep I was correct it was on sale so off to customer service I go. I purchased 2 different kinds of Black Diamond spread (each has a unique UPC) therefore under SCOP I would get 2 of them for FREE and the other 3 at the sale price, Thus a refund of $11.58!

$6.27 is all it cost  at the end of the day:)  Since I had a free gift card it really didn’t cost me any money out of pocket, I made money 🙂  Ensure you always check your receipts! It only takes a second to double check 🙂



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