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Caddle – A Cash Back App with a Twist

We all love Cash Back apps; who doesn’t love getting cash back on the items they buy all the time. Caddle is different, not only do you earn money on what you buy, you earn cash for engaging too.

Sharing your favorite Car 🙂 Answering a super quick questionnaire or even watching a short ads!  Even completing online tasks! Yep you get paid for that and yes there is an app for that! Caddle !IMG_1275

Straight from my own account, I took a screen shot just for you! You get $0.25 cash back when you buy food storage containers but you score another $0.25 for answering a few questions (I believe it was approx 4 questions) When is the last time you got paid for answering a few questions when you scored your cash back?

IMG_1269 It’s a real neat approach don’t you think? What other app do you know that hands that control back to the user so that you get to decide when you want to engage, it’s mobile, so it goes where you go.

All the tasks are less than 1 minute so it makes it great fill in time for those unproductive times in your day. Have you ever stood in line at a grocery store? Waited for a doctor’s appointment? Why not watch an ad? Answer a few questions? Make some $$$


Caddle_IconCaddle only started in December 2015 and it’s scaling quick! It’s 100% Canadian owned and operated. It gives back to charity; 10% of PROFIT which is 10 time more than most companies. They want to lead by example.

Did you know you can also earn $0.50 for every friend and family youIMG_1277 refer to Caddle that performs at least one task (that won’t be hard), all they need to do  is to sign up and complete one offer. You can easily find your referral link right in your app.


The user interface is so easy. You update your account. Refer friends and most importantly cash out when you hit $20!

What’s coming up for Caddle & You?

  • Android version will be ready in May 2016
  • Caddle is looking to expand beyond grocery, such as  Entertainment, Restaurant, Service & more
  • Caddle was chosen to be on this upcoming season of Dragon’s Den!!!
  • Caddle wants to give one lucky Coupon Nannie fan a  $100 cheque & a snazzy Caddle bag!!

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Caddle’s Amazing Giveaway!

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Daily entries so come back daily!!

1 Winner will win a $100 Cheque & a Caddle bag!!


  1. I would like to see more offers for cashback on different restaurants! Thanks Caddle .. love your app! I love earning by viewing ads and answering quick surveys as well.

  2. I am fairly new to Caddle, having used it for only a few weeks now. I would like to see more offers each week and love seeing the rebates for grocery items. Perhaps gas would be a good one to get a rebate on as well…so expensive nowadays.

  3. I love the interactive portions, such as posting a pic of your dream car on social media.
    I’d love to see more grocery offers, and just more offers overall Love the app!

  4. Love this app! Love the offers that are already there, would like to see more each week. Also offers for in season and local food or products would be great.

  5. I see an android version is in the works so I’m not sure what else I could ask for from the app. As it is now it seems decent!

  6. I like the caddle app but I find it doesn’t have enough grocery items that I buy regularly. Maybe feminine products, medications, beauty care!

  7. I would like more grocery items available on Caddle. I do like that they have some fun offers like a credit for date night dining.

  8. my wife uses the caddle app weekly and so i know it well! We’d love to see more variety in offerings for groceries like cleaning products, frozen foods and produce

  9. Like what I see so far, I like that it is also used for entertainement – based on my experience with SIMILAR apps, I’d like to see discounts on GROUP rates (sometimes using coupons/apps doesnt make a diffrence, as the group rate is a bigger savings than the coupon)

  10. I don’t have a cell phone right now…. but it will be one of the first things I’ll get. I can’t say for now what it needs, but it is getting great reviews.

  11. I would like to see more meat offers and I cannot view the video questionnaire on my phone. I would like to see that improve

  12. more coupons for products that we actually buy:) ps the math question, couldnt see if it was +_*? I guessed is was 10*5= 50 🙁

  13. I actually read that Caddle is offered for desktop computers, which is amazing. Looking forward to trying and would love loads of grocery choices.

  14. I really like the concept behind Caddle. Great app, easy to use. I’d like to see offers like the gas cash back every week. Maybe something for milk?

  15. Grocery’s for all chains, not just province based. Money back for gas, Hardware stores. Thank you for the chance.

  16. I would love to see Caddle not only as an app but available for use on desktop and laptop computers.

    1. oops… looks like you can sign up from your computer. I would love to see an option for printable coupons.

  17. I really didn’t know about Caddle until now when I just read about it. Wow, I have missed something so amazing! Time to get Caddle!

  18. I would love to see offers for fresh produce, meat and dairy products. Also offers on kid’s clothing and shoes!

  19. I would like to see more offers for fresh produce and dairy, clothing, bookstores, pet food and maybe online partnerships too!

  20. Can’t wait for the android version! I haven’t been using it since I wanted it as an app, but I’ve certainly missed out. Would love lots of offers on baby products such as wipes, diapers, formula, baby food, toys, clothes etc. Produce, veggies, milk, bread, eggs etc

  21. I would like to see offers for everyday items like bread, milk, veggies and fruit and more than just one of these per wk would be great

  22. I’d like to see offers that are actually relevant to me. None of these coupon apps have offers that are relevant to me. I’d like to see offers for fresh produce, fresh meat, any cheese, any milk, any bread… things that I actually buy. I don’t buy processed foods.

  23. With Android such a huge part of the market I feel like Caddle is missing out on a lot of users by not offering android. This would be very helpful especially for someone like me!

  24. I always love contests and completing surveys. Cash back is great on groceries because I buy a lot of groceries!

  25. I would love to see Android and I am hoping that it is aligned with Checkout 51 items. I have Zweet as well but, I don’t think the offerings are as good at Checkout 51.

  26. I would love to see offers for dairy products like cheese, yogurt and milk.

  27. this is a hard question, because my favourite thing about caddle is their offers are varied, so theres never a week where you can’t get anything. This is why I joined. I wouldn’t have otherwise. maybe they could have a bonus offer if you do X number of their weekly options?

  28. I am new to Caddle so still figuring it out, I would have to say more offers for meat & produce from what I have seen so far.

  29. Love to see more offers for produce. I also like that Caddle has offers for non-grocery items like clothing and entertainment, this is something other apps don’t offer.

  30. I’m still new to Caddle and since they do not have android, I haven’t been able to use it yet, but from what everyone else is saying maybe more food choices!!

  31. Happy to be a part of the newest cash back app Caddle. Twice as nice to know it is Canadian. More food like offers would be great. Wishing you the best in business.

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