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Flipp giveaway These days it seems everyone has smart phones and apps are being used more and more. There are various types of apps; music apps, chatting apps, cash back apps and even coupon apps. Like cash back apps and coupon apps, Flipp can save you money but not in the way you may think. You do not need to upload receipts, you don’t need to clip coupons, you simply search the local flyers for the best deals right at your finger tips! Flipp users have indicated they save upwards of 30% off their purchases with this app !

I now live in a rural area and very often I don’t get my paper flyers until Thursday, sometimes Friday & occasionally Saturday. This doesn’t work for me for a variety of reasons!

  • Giant Tiger’s flyers start on Wednesday
  • Most other flyers start on Thursday
  • I run a money saving blog (too late to tell followers about deals after they have passed)
  • I often have received them wet.

Price Matching is a wonderful way to save even more money. Where I live Giant Tiger & Walmart both price match. 95% of the time I forget my paper flyer to price match…….. than what? Thankfully Flipp has those flyers right at the tip of my fingers for me to show the retailer so I can price match. Our local Walmart will price match anything within a 100 km radius and often I don’t receive the paper flyers for that however Flipp has me covered. You know what else is amazing, it matches coupons with deals! That way you never miss the lowest price!

It’s actually very simple to use πŸ™‚

If you can’t see the video below, try clicking this link

We are developing our basement at our home we bought; it was a blank slate. Since the upstairs of our home is enough for our family to live, we are taking our time with the basement and buying things as we see them on sale. I introduced Roy, my significant other, to Flipp and he LOVES it as he can do a simple search and find out which store has the best prices on the items he needs for the next part of his project.


Flipp includes a unique set of user-friendly features that sets it apart from other shopping apps, including:
β€’ Flip – Browse through weekly local flyers quickly and intuitively
β€’ Coupons – Maximize savings using coupon match-ups which combine flyer deals with
brand coupons for the ultimate savings
β€’ Shopping List – Plan ahead and stay organized while shopping by adding items to
the in-app list; discover deals for each item on the list and check them off at the store
β€’ Search – Easily find a specific store, item or brand
β€’ Clippings – Tap an item in a flyer to clip it for price-matching
β€’ Discount Slider – Find the best savings at a glance
β€’ Notifications – Receive reminders about expiring clippings as well as updates on
offers at nearby retailers to ensure a deal is never missed

Visit the Flipp webpage!

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  1. Flipp will definitely help me out with price matching so I don’t need to drive around to all the stores!

  2. I use this app all the time when I’m doing grocery. It’s easy and so helpful!! I can’t shop without it. I also tell everyone it’s much better than having to carry all the flyers into the store and search for the one you need to compare.

  3. I have used flipp only a couple times, one of them just today! Neat app. Need to figure it out some more.

  4. We dont get ANY flyers at my apartment complex, so this would help me immensely with planning my shopping trips in advance. I usually check the store websites, but sometimes they are not updated till the day before. This would be so much better! πŸ™‚

  5. this is one of the first apps I moved over to my android when I got a new phone!! I use it to price match

  6. Flipp has helped me because I don’t have a pile of flyers to rifle through anymore and I can share deals easily!

  7. I think it will help me save time and $$$$ when shopping – especially for dog and cat food

  8. I know Flipp will help me find the best price on products and also let me price match and use my coupons more efficiently

  9. My neighbor is using this flipping and will now try me get the best value price of item I like to huy

  10. I love the flip ap , it helps me to comparison shop in the search ap and it is helpful for price matching

  11. going through paper flyers searching for the lowest price and hauling them off to the store with me for price matching is not only time consuming but also an inconvenience, Flipp has helped make the searching and price matching hassle free for me πŸ™‚ no more piles of flyers is my purse and Flipp finds me the lowest price!!

  12. This app helps me so I can make lists and pricematch. So convenient now that I can clip and just show my phone instead of a stack of flyers.

  13. my son has been using this app and told me about it love it ..Flipp helps find the lowest price on any item you’re looking for, helps price match, and read any flyer you need

  14. Flipp helps me with price matching. I love that Walmart allows me to show the flyers right on my phone as well, making it a lot easier to make sure I’m getting the right price. Who wants to carry a ton of flyers around? LOVE Flipp!

  15. I love using Flipp to price match items all at one store location. Not only does the awesome app help my family and I save money, it also helps us by saving time running around town looking for sales. Thank you for an awesome review and giveaway! Good luck all πŸ™‚

  16. It saves me time and money by allowing me to have all the flyers ready at my finger tips! No need to haul them from home anymore πŸ˜€

  17. Flipp helps me cycle through flyers quickly to find good deals, being able to clip deals is awesome, cant lose list this way πŸ™‚ THANK YOU FLIPP

  18. We have Flipp and is has saved us plenty by showing us the best deals and using it for price matching.

  19. Flipp will help eliminate the need to bring flyers to the grocery store to price match. It is also gives me the option to search for items that I need to see where they are on sale. Flipp is going to be a great addition to my savings routine!

  20. Flipp will help me save money and know what groceries are on sale each week even when the local flyers don’t show up.

  21. I love Flipp! It’s so great having all the flyers I need, easily, and can even search for what item I want. It’s fab! πŸ™‚

  22. best price matching app for flyers that are not delivered in the area. and also great for people with specific diets that cost more

  23. I think flipp will save me time and money as I won’t have to go through all the paper flyers I can search for my items and i can price match

  24. Flipp sounds great! I’d love to use it to save money as I like that you don’t have to upload receipts or cut or clip coupons and you can save 30%. It sounds like an easier and more organized way to save money!

  25. Flip will help me locate the best deals out there, while I am on the run in a busy world! Love it – so convenient as well!

  26. This will help when i don’t have the flyers with me. It will save me money by knowing where the best price is and price matching.

  27. Love the flipp app! It’s great being able to look up a specific item and see the best price available for the items, along with any coupons. Flipp has definitely helped save me money and will continue to!

  28. flipp lets me price match without paper flyers, it has a search feature that finds what i need when i need it and gives me alerts.. best app ever and don’t get me started on coupon match ups

  29. I have flipp on my iPad and I love it. Having access to all the flyers and matchups is great. I even download coupons.

  30. This would help a lot. Grocery is so expensive. The Flipp app helps me by searching sales before going for my grocery trip.

  31. Flipp will help me by being able to save money by price matching and showing me which coupons can be used at which stores !

  32. Groceries are so expensive, I have a family of 6 and we spend at least $250 per week on groceries. I know Flipp will be able to help me bring that down to a more reasonable number. I have a lot to learn!

  33. I love how it helps me to search in an instant where I can buy a specific product for the lowest price.

  34. My husband and I recently got Flipp on our phones. So far we’ve used it to price match and we’ve saved $$ in just a couple of weeks.

  35. it’ll help me save on my grocery list by being organized before I even go to the store being able to price match, having the flyers info and saving me money

  36. Flipp is a HUGE time saver. And it could very well cut down on the amount of paper wasted with traditional flyers if we all canceled our delivery.

  37. Flipp already has helped me in so many ways! I get the best price by looking up the item in the search and it gives me the store where the best prices are to go to. I also use the coupon clipper. and if I just want to look at the flyers and not look at the paper ones it is so much faster and convenient. One of the best apps I have downloaded to my android tablet! Great for making a list of where to shop.

  38. I think it’ll help me save on my grocery list by being organized before I even get to the store.

  39. I currently use it for my shopping needs as it’s easy to enter, check the deals and request for items to be in their list. It saves carrying paper flyers and is a great reminder for the specific deals that you clipped. You can also use it to price match in stores that offer it, so, it’s a great tool to plan and save!

  40. I always use flipp when I am looking for something specific. It helped me find the best price on my new laptop

  41. Flipp has helped me on many shopping trips save lots of money by making price matching and finding great deals even easier!

  42. Flipp has helped me to find the best prices on items that I have coupons for. I combine that with price matching at retailers that are kind enough to price match. This also saves me time and gas—no store jumping to find the best prices. I also use Flipp often to find the items that ARE on my list for the week. Knowing where to buy them especially the big ticket items puts my mind and pocket book at ease.

  43. I already use Flipp and I love it. It has helped me save a lot of money & time by helping me compare prices & find the best deals when shopping.

  44. Flipp has helped me search for price matching opportunities while shopping in the grocery stores. I no longer have to carry flyers to price match πŸ™‚

  45. I have Walmart across the street from me so I can now walk to the grocery store saving gas money, and use the Fipp app to price-match everything at one store. Saves time, money, and wear and tear on my car. Win win.

  46. flipp does help me save money ! i am a single parent with 2 teenagers and finding the best deal is a must , especially with a diabetic and celiacs disease costs even more ! being able to being organized and what stores with the better deals i save on gas trying to drive everywhere !

  47. I love the convenience of Flipp. Looking for a specfic Item to see if it’s on sale and not having to go through flyer after flyer, but also using it while in store to Price Match.

  48. I think Flipp will help me save money by letting me match up coupons and show flyers so i can price-match deals

  49. Flipp helps me save money because I always check the flyers before going shopping, I also check for my parents

  50. I love Flipp for price matching, but the only complaint I have is that they do not show flyers for my area, or they have flyers for stores I have never heard of, and they have my postal code right just not the flyers

  51. Flipp helps me plan my shopping by clipping deals and making lists that I can’t forget at home. It helps me plan in advance too because my flyers don’t always arrive on time.

  52. I think Flip will help me most from their following option: Discount Slider – Find the best savings at a glance

  53. Flipp will help me price match, something I’ve been meaning to start doing for a long time.

  54. I think Flipp will help me save money by letting me match up coupons and help me stick to my shopping list.

  55. I think Flipp would help me save money on every day purchases by showing the best flyer and coupon savings. It would also help with price matching at the store.

  56. Flipp helps by keeping all the flyers in the same place so I can easily check for sales and stay organized by adding items to a list

  57. Flipp will make it convenient for me to locate the best deals on products, and it will help me save money each week on groceries.

  58. I love Flipp. I always look through the flyers when I’m looking for something specific or if I’m going grocery shopping.

  59. It would help me save money! i love using coupons, looking at flyers and getting the best deals

  60. Flipp will help me by enabling me to be an informed shopper. I will be able to make good decisions on what and where to shop to get the biggest bang for my buck.

  61. Flipp will really help me stay much better organized with their shopping list feature! I also love the coupon match-ups so I can save money every month which is what every family benefits from!

  62. Just started using the Flip now and its amazing the little savings that add up so quickly. its very user friendly too..

  63. I am a flyer lover but I don’t like the headache of searching through each and every one so I think this will absolutely help speed my process along!

  64. It helps me to find the best deals on items I have on my shopping list and also make is easy to price match!

  65. Flipp helps me keep track of my shopping lists and helps me find deals on things I need to buy or if I see an item I can check if there is a cheaper price to match. I swear by Flipp

  66. Flipp helps find the lowest price on any item you’re looking for, helps price match, and read any flyer you need

  67. I think Flipp would help me, because I also live in a rural area and don’t always get my flyers. I often price match and use coupons so I think it would really help me sort it all out!

  68. The fact that all the flyers are together in one app is a great feature, helps streamline shopping.

  69. Flipp will help me by saving me money when I shop by price matching and saving me time by having everything I need in one place instead of having to use several sources to seek the days deals.

  70. Flipp will help me when I’m out shopping and I need to find an item at a lower cost. I then can price match the lowest price and even combine it with a coupon to save even more. Love to save money.

  71. I think Flipp is great when price matching at Walmart. I it also great for doing up a weekly grocery order.

  72. we don’t get some of the flyers in our area, so this site will surely help me with looking at all the specials…..also I love contests, couponing, refunding, etc.!…..thanks!

  73. I’ve been using Flipp for a while, at first I just wanted to have access to all my local flyers in one place instead of having to go to each individual website. Now with all these new features it is an essential tool in my life!!!

  74. Flipp will help me save money through price matching. I love that it is searchable! Great app!

  75. I absolutely love flipp. the search option is my key to all my shopping. the coupons section makes my life even easier.

  76. Flipp is definitely going to save me money. I don’t always get all the flyers so it is handy to be able to check the missed ones on Flipp. Also, I can look up a specific product to see if there is a lower price.

  77. I love the Flipp app. I just type in an item on the search bar, and in seconds the sale prices at all nearby stores is right there. Flipp has saved me tons of money and time. Today we typed in pepsi and Flipp browsed 17 flyers in seconds and of course we bought the best deal.

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