Win a 3 Pack! A Box of Each Flavor! Boulangerie Grissol® Sweet Thins™ #BoulangerieGrissol

Boulangerie GrissolBoulangerie Grissol® Sweet Thins™  – Under 80 Calories !!



Personally I’m not a huge cookie fan nor am I a huge cracker fan so sometimes snacking can be quite challenging! I was delighted to taste the Sweet Thins; Boulangerie Grissol; A Dare company! I enjoy my tea and like to have a little snack with it. Seeing the 3 flavors of Chocolate Brownie, banana bread and lemon poppy seed made it even better! It didn’t taste like a cookie and it didn’t taste like a cracker which made me one happy camper ! It tasted like it should be more than 80 calories

dareMy first challenge was to decided which one to try first! It was a tough decision however Chocolate Brownie won out! I think chocolate would always come first!  Oh so I got carried away a tad and started eating them. I loved the crunch and it did satisfy my chocolate craving ……Oh yeah! I need to review these thanks to Boulangerie Grissol. Stop eating and remember to take picture! Resume eating 🙂 I could see I was going to need some reinforcements in tasting these Sweet Thins.

Tylia enjoyed the Chocolate Brownie too however she was too busy eating to give any formal opinion. I do however feel it’s safe to assume she really enjoyed them!


IMG_9081 (632x640)IMG_9142 (579x640)Devyn wanted to “see it” so she needed choices; since Granddad already took off with the Lemon Poppy Seed she had to choose from Chocolate Brownie or Banana Bread! What do you think our health guru Miss Devyn opted for? I let her know that all the flavors were using whole grains and natural flavours, with no trans fats, cholesterol or artificial additives. Sooooooooo She picked!!  BANANA BREAD!!!IMG_9075 (373x640)


Outside Fan’s Input!!

3 Lucky Coupon Nannie fans were randomly chosen to receive a box of Boulangerie Grissol Sweet Thins! Each received a different flavor!


I think they were Excited!!

“Got the lemon poppyseed cookies this a.m., will try them in a bit Thanks so much!!”

Jamie Hello =-)

I got those chocolate Sweet Thins you sent and I really like them, thanks so much!

I have to admit one pack did not fill me up and I ended up eating two lmao but that’s a good sign I guess lol I loved the crunch


“The packaging is cute and I really like that they are under 100 calories a serving.”


The information on the side about No Cholesterol, Trans Fat Free, Low in Saturated Fat and No Artificial Flavors are a bonus.



Yummy DareSooooooooooooo you heard it folks! Boulangerie Grissol® Sweet Thins™ are a MUST have on your next Grocery List!!


IMG_9859 (640x296)

 Win a 3 Pack! A Box of Each Flavor!

Enter Daily!!

Contest Closes Nov 2nd!


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  1. Wow! Thank you so much Coupon Nannie. I have send you my address. Love coupons and contests. Hope you are feeling better today.

  2. Don’t forget to enter Coupon Nannie giveaway for a chance to Win 3 pack a box of each flavor. Ty Coupon Nannie!

  3. Dear Coupon Nannie: First of all ty I did purchase Grissol Sweet Thins and you’re right it’s a very good snack and second ty for this giveaway.

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