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New Year Goals

With the New Year only days away everyone is thinking about goals for the year ahead or wishes or it would be nice ifs.

Let’s work together to reach our goals or keeps us on track. On January 30th we will draw one name to receive a $50 Gift Card of Your choice (As long as it’s something I can buy local or online). You can have your choice if I sent it via email such as an Amazon gift card or if you would prefer a gift card sent via snail mail that is fine too.

My goals for our finances this year as well as our goals for PC Optimum, etc .

Each Day or Two I’ll Add New Ways to earn Entries 🙂 We recently had to buy a new washer, dryer and fridge (There are advantages sometimes to no interest no payment – we make the monthly payments we just don’t like interest) and I ended up saving $100 more than we anticipated so I felt I’ll keep the $50 bonus we saved and pay it forward and give a lucky fan a chance for the other $50.

Goals by end of 2019:
Pay off the new washer, dryer and fridge we just purchased by December 31, 2019
Pay off my husbands 4 Wheeler by the end of December 31, 2019
Put an additional $2500 in tax free savings Account by December 31, 2019

Goals by December 1,2019

PC Optimum Points 500 000 ($500 Value) to pay for groceries in December
Air Miles Gold Status 1000 (over $100 value)
Swagbucks 250 000 Swagbucks (over $250 value)

How am I planning on doing this? 

Completing the 52 week challenge ; Get started here

Complete the Gift Card Challenge Get Started Here

When Shopping Online

Always using Coupons

Using all the Apps

Completing Surveys

I’ll be updating all of these options, updating all the articles, adding lots of new features so that we can all maximize our savings.

GIVEAWAY!! $50 Gift Card of YOUR Choice!!!

Giveaway Ends on January 31 at 6pm EST, 2019. Gift card will be specifically sent and provided by Coupon Nannie and is not sponsored in any way by Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterst or anyone other than Coupon Nannie and her husband’s wallet 🙂 Winner will be notified by email provided in the entry form and the winner will have 72 hours to respond. If the winner does not respond another winner will be chosen.


  1. We plan on continuing to make additional payments to our mortgage once a month. Also, saving money in Tfsa’s. We are budgeting for each month to see where we spend our money the most.

  2. My goal is to pay off my credit card. And to use coupons,points and online savings deals as much as possible.

  3. I hope to cut down purchases in 2019. I bought too many things during the Black Friday and Boxing week sale. I really have to cut down purchases.

  4. My plan also is to save my pc points. I’ve been in the ha it of using them fr9m time to time but feel it will probably be best to save until Christmas time.
    Another thing I do is purchase Sobeys gift cards when they have the AirMiles promotions. Then I can use the gift cards at Sobeys, Foodland, Lawton’s and then purchase my gas at the Needs Fast Fuel. I have earned a bunch of AirMiles this way.

  5. My goal is to be able to afford a place to live to be honest. There is no saving, I live month to month and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. I hope to be able to stretch my budget a little better this year.

  6. pay off CC debt and have enough money to be able to move once our landlord sells the rental apt building we live in. big worry

  7. I’m planning to put aside some money each week in the new year and hopefully be able to save up around $1000 or so for nice weekend getaway or mini vacation!

  8. I would definitely like to pay off 2018’s loans and debt. I really like the idea of paying for my Christmas groceries with PC points and Air Miles- so I’m adding that to my goals too!

  9. Spend a bit more time clipping and organizing coupons, I’ve gotten lazy with them this year. I’ve added a new expense to the budget for school related things so we don’t get caught off guard with fundraisers and field trips.

  10. I plan to continue to to save money by couponing and price matching. I would love to save enough for a vacation.

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