Win a Birdfeeder & Score a $5 Coupon ~ Local & Kids Only ~ Shur Gain Feeds’n Needs – Truro

Win a Birdfeeder & Score a $5 Coupon ~ Local Only ~

13041118_10156863298445078_821914685335806621_o 13055326_10156863298450078_1248944841889260199_n Thanks to a Coupon Nannie fan Bev, knowing how much our kids our outdoor kids, especially Braylee, she let us know about  this great contest and coupon.

Our Braylee LOVES birds, and chipmunks. Here a few weeks ago she sent me on a mission to our local Shur-Gain Feeds’n Needs – Truro

to get her a bird feeder and a squirrel feeder. The things is 99% of people want a bird feeder that does not allow squirrels however Shur Gain had the one Braylee wanted that DID allow squirrels. They even have stamp cards so every time you buy bird seed you get a stamp and after so much you get a discount :).

I get to test and review lots of things so when I saw this great feeder that attaches to the window I had to get it, within a few days she had beautiful birds coming to her window.


From now until May 15th Kids locally can fill out the contest form found at the Shur Gain Facebook Page

and take it into the store for their chance to win a bird feeder. They need to say why you should feed the birds! There is also a $5 Coupon attached that is valid until May 31/2016 Here is an example of the form


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  1. I love feeding birds! They’re fun to watch. This winter I finally managed to get blue jays, more than one and more than one day only. What gorgeous birds. I love them all. Except those that tried to attack me last year.

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