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Win an Amazing Thermal-Aid Prize Pack! A new Family Favorite!! # Review!

IMG_9236 (623x640)cervical ribsThermal – Aid

The initial thing that caught my attention about Thermal-Aid products were that they were 100% Natural Therapeutic! If you have been following me for a while you many know that my daughter Tylia has cervical ribs growing off C7 in her spine! It causes an incredible amount of pain for her and due to her small size and age we don’t like pain medication.

Devyn has those lovely molars coming in (remember teething days??) Miss Meggie gets a tired back after working all day and being on her feet all day! ROy has bad knees and well I’m just a cluts! Only I could pull muscles in my sleep !

I was thrilled to be able to review both the Bear & the medium sectional!! I was even more pumped to find out a lucky Coupon Nannie fan would get to WIN BOTH!! (Well not the ones I tried but brand new ones :))

It had the 3 Great Features I needed:

100%  Natural Therapeutic
Healing/Cooling treatments
Reduce swelling and relieves pain

I’ve see they always have great things going on their Facebook Page; Click here to check it out!




Well immediately you can see it passed the Devyn test! It was “pretty” it got an automatic “Awe” and a HUGE HUG!!!

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Pet Friendly!!

Chickie & Willow really loved it! I put it in the microwave for them! They LOVE IT!!! When our dogs have puppies they are SUPER small and generally require a heating pad for the first few weeks. This will be perfect !! Our little Chickie is only 2 lbs! This will be perfect for the cold days when she has a little chill! They must have known it was a special bear as not one of my five dogs tried to eat it or chew it in any way!

Thermal Bear – A Family Favorite –

Tylia was quick to grab the Thermal Aid bear out of the freezer when she came home from soccer! Her back and shoulders were killing her. (That’s probably what she’ll end up doing to me when she finds out I took pictures while she was sleeping lol). She actually uses the bear just about every day since we received it!  She spotted the other Zoo Animals and well……. Guess what’s on the Santa’s list!!

Personally myself; I prefer the heat on sore muscles! While Ty was at school I actually got a chance to try out the bear! Hmmmmmm heat! I loved how it easily laid across my neck and top of shoulders and I didn’t have to sit still, I could still do the things I needed to do without it falling!

Devyn seeing everyone else trying it out had one of those “Dramatic toddler non existent accidents”  {The entire trip yet their hand are ready and they get down on their knees before their dramatic fall as they bang their hand on the floor for sound effects} Sooooooooo Of course she too had to try out the bear (It’s magic as such a dramatic accident never caused one tear) 🙂




Thermal Aid Sectional

Did you check out all the great sizes on their Website?

If not click here to check out the variety!

Want to know something Super cool about theses??

Thermal Aid Products go through an unique process which allows a specialized corn to hold temperatures for long periods of time which  also removes the germs from the kernel thus removing virtually all the moisture and preventing mold or fungus! Thus First Washable!!

The medium Thermal Aid Sectional was perfect for under Roy’s knees! He used it quite frequently and thus me always running around the house to find “who didn’t put it back” or “who has it I need pictures!!” I did manage to snap a few of Tylia while she was trying to get rid of her headache (She’s not sleeping and I had permission )! It fit comfortably behind her head, down her neck into her shoulders! She indicated it was very effective in helping to ease her headache!

Now is your chance to Win Both these Amazing Prizes!!!

Thermal AidIMG_9211 (640x326)

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