Win one of 16 Sample Kits from Cetaphil Restoraderm !!

Cetaphil RestoradermWin one of 16 Sample Kits from Cetaphil Restoraderm !!

Dear Cetaphil Restoraderm πŸ™‚

I would LOVE to thank you for the chance to review the Restraderm body wash and lotion. I must say it was a life saver πŸ™‚ I am not over exaggerating either; It couldn’t have come at a better time!

legEarlier in the day I was at my family doctor and one of the things I was concerned about is my sever itchy dry skin. As a child I had eczema on the bottom of my feet and behind my ears but never on my legs so I didn’t think it could be eczema however my legs have been driving me nuts to the point I was scratching them until they were almost bleeding!Β  A leg model I will not be πŸ™‚

I had tried traditional cremes I had around the house but it didn’t appear to be doing the trick and it was driving me nuts!!! When I noticed that the traditional creams were not working I knew I had to see a doctor before I left scars that wouldn’t go away or lost my mind due to itching! The doctor prescribed a steroid type creme that required a prescription! Although I do have a medical plan prior to getting the prescription filled I asked some questions. The tube was about the size of a bic lighter and even after the medical plan it was going to be about $10. Due to the size of the tube I couldn’t help wondering if it was one time use as my legs seem to be well bigger than a bic lighter lol.

Needless to say I got home an forgot all about it; until approx 10 pm that night! I could feel the itch starting, I tried to ignore it (that doesn’t work it actually just makes it focus on it even more) and almost scratched my leg off and than I remembered…………. Cetaphil sent me the Restoraderm lotion and body wash to try. Since I already had bathed for the evening the cream it was……. I put the cream on my legs………. ah……nice……..non sticky…….goes on smooth………not greasy………I feel the…….oh no…….. I lost the itch……it wasn’t in the front of my mind!!Β  Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh RELIEF!!

The next morning I applied more lotion and later that evening when I bathed I took the body wash with me to use. I really enjoyed the silky feeling of the body wash and it almost appeared to glisten as I washed my legs, as soon as I got out of the tub I dried off and applied more lotion and repeated this for the next few days…..okay to be honest I am still doing it nightly as I am really enjoying the scratch free environment and I now have hope that I could have a leg model career after all (okay maybe not but a girl can dream; right? after

LOOK !! LOOK!! WHOOH! Legs FABULOUS! You can see the moisture right in the skin! I LOVES IT LOVES IT LOVES IT! Did I mention I love it!!

couponBeing an avid couponer can you guess what was the first thing I noticed about the packaging?? Ah……..nope it wasn’t the coupon that is on the back of each bottle πŸ™‚ I’m a mom too and that always comes first! I loved that it was safe for babies too! Miss Devyn always wants to use the products I do so I feel safe knowing its been tested and safe! Yes I also enjoyed the coupon!! It’s valid until 2015 too so lots of time to use them; but we all know it won’t last that long as I’ll need more soon!!

sample sizeI would like to thank you for giving Coupon Nannie fans a chance to try out these wonderful products as well! The size of these samples are perfect!! I’ll be sure to tell fans to check out your page on Facebook and say Hi with a Tweet! Checking out your webpage for the full line of products is a must!


Coupon Nannie πŸ™‚


  • Cetaphil RESTORADERM is available in most pharmacies
  • Body Wash is available in 295 mL size. Average retail price is $16.99
  • Moisturizer is available in 295 mL size. Average retail price is $18.99


16 WINNERS! Enter Daily Options!!

Winners Chosen by Giveaway Tools on February 16

**Please note once the giveaway ends all winning names and mailing address’s will be provided to Cetaphil Canada so that they can mail out your prizes as soon as possible! Please not it can take from 2-4 weeks after the contest end date for the samples to be shipped!**

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  1. Everyone in my house will love these products, this winter is really drying out everybody’s skin. Even with a humidifier my house is really dry!

  2. I would love to try this….I have eczema so bad its ony face,in my ears,on both arms and legs and nothing seems to be helping it at all.

  3. I would love to try this,i have eczema and so does my 6yrs old son,and are hands are red and itchy because of the cold….thanks

  4. I think everyone would love this, but the one who would benefit from it the most would be my husband. We have tried so many different lotions for his hands and nothing seems to work!

  5. I would use this , i always have very dry itchy skin , i could almost tear myself apart from scratching , this would so help with the dryness !!! thanks for the chance πŸ™‚

  6. Winter is when my eczema on my legs really acts up. The itchiness literally drives me insane, to the point of me scratching until it bleeds. I’d love to give this product a try.

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