4 Minutes of your time for $1.50 or 3 Air Miles? Survey Site that pays!

surveyPeople are always looking for great Survey opportunities to earn a bit extra while giving feedback!

THis origional post was written in 2013, I have earned lots since than! Check out the survey I did just last night!!




Legerweb is one of my personal favorites & I’ll share why:

  • I can choose between Air Miles or Cash or Donation for each survey I do; which is Great as here is an example below. A survey that may take me 4 minutes! I can choose $1.50 or 3 Air Miles; I like having the ability to choose options to suit my needs at that time 🙂 Every survey you try whether you qualify or not you always get a contest entry 🙂

Average Time to complete:     4 minutesAllocated Chance(s)*:     1Allocated Dollar(s)*:     1.50 $
Allocated Air Miles Reward Miles™ *** :     3


  • I can easily predict the amount I can earn each month. I earn on average $20 per month (enough to request a check) from this survey site. As you can see I have been a member for a long time.
  • $20 

  • Cheque

  • Date Requested 7/30/2013

  • Date Check Issued 8/12/2013


  • The first Tuesday of each month they draw for 1000 Air Miles 🙂
  • Contests, Giveaways, are Quebec friendly too!
  • Surveys are very short and to the point!
  • If you have family and friends who want this chance to earn too, Leger web will credit you account $1 per person you refer once they successfully complete their first survey !
  • Increase your chances of winning our monthly draws of two prizes of $1,000 and one $100
  • Multiply your chances to win our monthly draw of an Apple iPad

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