WOW! Check out all the #Kids clothes I picked up at #GiantTiger for UNDER $30!!!

IMG_8286WHOOH! So Glad for the Bigger Giant Tiger!

It’s been so long since I had to look for little clothes! But WHOOH! It’s fun especially when you see the deals!

  • Purple 2 Piece Fleece set $6
  • Pink 2 Piece Sesame street $4
  • 3 Tank Tops (Green, orange, blue) $1 Each
  • Girls Leggings $2.99
  • Grey Sweat Pants $2
  • 2 Pr Shorts $2 each
  • Striped Pj’s (I guess they are boys lol) $3
  • T shirt $1 🙂

The 2  of the 2 Piece outfits and Pj’s will be tucked away as they are a size to big 🙂

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