Wow Guide to replace Wish Book? Thanks to @CanadianTire

Wow Guide to replace Wish Book? Thanks to @CanadianTire


While I am very excited for Christmas and so are the kids, something seemed to be missing. I could not put my finger on it until my child got excited today when “The Wow Guide” from Canadian Tire arrived. The Wish Book………… that was was missing. I had previously thought the kids were going to be disappointed this year as they would not have the wish book from Sears to look through since they are closing their doors.

The front of the catalog is appealing to kids as it looks like a present with a big red bow. That big red bow is enough to make a three year old and a five year old want to know what is in that book!! The book is 203 pages long and every includes a colouring contest (Pages 50-51) for the kids. Now I know your probably thinking how good could it be from Canadian Tire. Let me tell you, they did a bang up job, even the pages that do not have toys, the book is very family orientated. My daughter saw page 148 -149 which sports a day and teenage daughter doing a wood working project together. She wanted to look and what she needed for her and her father to build stuff. On page 92-93 a parent and child is checking out that cooking turkey so of course Miss Five year old wanted to make sure we had everything on that page or how else would we make turkey.

Once you have browsed the Christmas Decorations, which are super cute, page 38 is the beginning of the toy section. While your not going to find the same selection as you would the wish book but they get an honest effort. Your fur babies were not forgotten on Pages 62-63 Before the outside toys such as sleds, winter coats, snow toys and even cute  “Frozen Skates” .Not just for the wee ones but the big adults too, there is hunting stuff, kitchen goodies, snow blowers and more.



I really hope Canadian Tire continues each year to add to their catalog and perhaps takes over where Sears left us hanging.  I know it made my kids smile this year & kept a tradition of looking through a catalog to make up our lists for Santa. Thanks Canadian Tire.

Ours arrived in the mail today so if you have not received yours, perhaps contact your local Canadian Tire to see if they have one there you can get 🙂




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