You Having a Baby :) How to afford New without draining the bank!

IMG_1427You Having a Baby 🙂

Having a baby can be quite costly and you’ll get lots of advice from all over the place. The fact of it is; your going to do whats best for you. Once upon a time thrift shops and yard sales were the way to go for cheap clothes but even these days those prices seem to be creeping up.

There are many who don’t want second hand clothing; especially if it is there first baby. If you carefully plan and watch for deals you can get amazing brand new clothing at lower that thrift shop prices. Many clothing stores; unlike grocery stores allow you to “stack” promotions! The Children’s place is one of my favorite kids clothing store that allows you to do just that. Most of the clothing above is from The Children’s Place; while some is from Walmart & Giant Tiger.

The clothing the comes from The Children’s Place; lets use the dress in the top left hand corner, Is regular $39.99, it was marked down 50% off so $19.99!! They had an amazing sale the day we went in for 40% off the marked down price!! That dress is now $11.99!!  I have an email coupon that gives me 25% off that!!! The $39.99 dress now cost $8.99. The day I was in I also was able to score Air Miles and for every $50 I spent I got a coupon for $25 off a $50 spend in the future!!

All of the baby clothes in this picture were approx $100 taxes in and I got 2 X $25 coupons for a future use Plus I scored Air Miles 🙂

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