Your Chance to Win a Custom Canvas Thanks to @CanvasChampsCa

Your Chance to win a Custom 8 X 12 Print!

Early last week I introduced you to my handsome nephew Elliot! He had a great offer for you that is still valid!

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Yesterday my print arrived !!

I’ll walk you through the process from beginning to end and let you know what I honestly thought.

I was trilled that Canvas Champ contacted me and gave me the offer for not only a free print for myself but to offer one up to give away to the fans.

I quickly contacted my sister and her husband; as this is their first baby and asked them to send me a picture they would like made bigger. He had a rocky beginning and with spending extra time in the hospital, going back to the hospital and a longer than normal time with jaundice; I thought perhaps a nice casual picture of him would be nice; not to mention how adorable he is πŸ™‚ He has on his farm outfit for when he comes out to help us; we just had a baby goat born that is probably his size right about now .

On May 22nd, I visited Canvas Champ and started the process to order the print. It was a very simple process. It guided me step by step and even someone with very limited experience would be able to easily place an order. I was able to decide if I wanted colour on the side of the canvas; I opted for white.

I noted that not only do they accept credit cards but they also accept Paypal which I know many people including myself prefer for online shopping!

I received a notification via email May 29th, first thing in the morning, letting me know my parcel would arrive today. I was required to sign for the package which I liked. It’s nice to know if it was sent for a gift that there would be no chance of someone stealing it off a door step or anything.

I was pleased on how it was wrapped and the fact that it even included a hanger on the back to hang it.

It was very even and correctly shaped πŸ™‚ The picture given and what came back was placed exactly.

The only thing I felt that could be improved is that I found the tinting on the canvas to be lighter. If you look above at the 2 pictures. The picture on the right is what was given to me (via digitally) and what is on the left is a picture of the canvas I took with my phone which is pretty close to what the colouring is.

I am still extremely happy with the canvas and it would be an amazing gift. I took it to my sister tonight and she was very pleased to the point she put it on her wall immediately.

You can find Canvas Champ:

On Facebook




Now it is your chance to win one! There is a daily option!

Open to Canadian Residents

Winner will be drawn onΒ  June 13th at 9 pm.


  1. My parent’s anniversary is coming up so I’d love to get their 1975 wedding photo done on canvas as a gift!

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