Yummy Nummies – Pizza Party #Review @Yummy-Nummies @YumNummies

pizzacoverYummy Nummies – Pizza Party #Review @Yummy-Nummies @YumNummies


Yummy Nummies are designed for all of your that have “mini me’s”; you know what I am talking about. All those mini chef’s that want to cook just like you!

Do you have a future candy maker in your house? Or do you have a Mr. Independence; who feels he’s big enough to make his own snacks? Or do you have that little want to be chef who wants to makes meals? Or do you have the pastry mini chef who wants to make delicious pastries and desserts? Regardless, Yummy Nummies has a kit for you 🙂





  1. No stove or oven required – no burns 🙂
  2. No dirty dishes – It comes with everything you need and is disposable when you are done with it 🙂
  3. No overseas ingredients – all the food ingredients come from the US


In some cases you do need a microwave and you need someone to make it!

Luckily in our home we have 2 that were looking to make & taste these pizza’s  while I observed (There is enough for 10) Don’t bring too big of an appetite however as they are not large {I guess they are trying to teach the kids about portion control???} mouthfullofpizzaEntire Pizza fit in Devyn’s mouth!!!!

PizzamakingDevyn & Tylia teamed up to tackle the pizza’s.{ The only reason for the Disney bowl is Devyn kept loosing all the water off the spoon before she made it to the mixing station, so to make life easier; the bowl – Devyn is a tad below the recommended age for the product}

They laid out all their products; Tylia being the only one who could read; was in charge of the instructions. First you need to make your dough, than you need to put it in the pans, than you need the microwave for 10 seconds. You will get to double check you dough, whip up some sauce and add it, add a little cheese, a few more seconds and VOILA!!








Devyn LOVED them! She gives them a thumbs up and says other kids would want them for now and for Santa to bring! She says they taste like one bite pizzas!

I loved it was a great activity that kept her interested, taught her some skills and it was super easy to clean up!


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Other Yummy Nummies available include:

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  • Pizza Party Maker

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