Yummy Yummy! Cost Effective and Kids do Listen !

10339576_10202118087375768_7534603917326430619_nYummy Yummy! Cost Effective and Kids do Listen !

One thing that’s often said is kids are picky eaters and we often feel that the things we teach them don’t stick and they don’t listen to a word we say. We figure when they are out on their own they will starve or eat Mr. Noodles.

Here is a post to make you breath and you’ll know that despite our fears what we say really does stick!! They not only realize that healthy food such as potatoes and carrots are often much cheaper to buy and go further than a bag of fries and Kraft Dinner. They really have picked up on what we say; even though we don’t believe it.

I admit I hijacked this picture off my 17 year old sons Facebook page; he and his girlfriend whom is 16 are expecting a baby in June and despite a baby being a surprise they have recently got their own apartment, all ready for baby including babies room all painted. He works full time while she goes to school and works part time. Despite needing a drives (as the both just recently got their beginners) I would say they are off to a pretty good start. This is a picture of their supper they made together; tonight! I would have never guessed in a million years and was a bit worried when they didn’t want me to go grocery shopping with them; apparently she follows Coupon Nannie and has learned some savings tips lol I have become my son’s Cooking tip on demand App 🙂

As they reminded me a 10 lb of potatoes was only $1.97 and will last for many meals for them whereas Fries are over $2.50 and won’t last but one or two. A bag of carrots is $0.97 and is good for quite a few meals and a box of Kraft Dinner is well over $1 even when on sale and he can eat it in one sitting… so if people say it’s more expensive to eat healthy that’s crap 🙂

Sooooooooooooooo know that what you do; your children so see; even if you don’t think they do 🙂


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