ZebraCoupons has listened to your concerns & Wants to Thank you for your Loyalty!! #ZebraCoupons





Here is a link to the last article to answer all your initial questions about ZebraCoupons.

Zebra Coupons LOVES LOVES all your feedback and unlike others who ask for feedback and you never see any changes…….. ZebraCoupons listened!!

What is going to change??

One of the major concerns people had with ordering coupons is that they did not have paypal or a credit card to pay for the shipping.  The peeps at Zebra Coupons put their heads together and thought, how could we fix that problem??

What if there was a way to get access to Zebra Codes for shipping for Free? What if there was a way to earn a few bucks to go with your coupon so that you could end up getting your products for FREE!!

This could be the potential benefits:

  • Access to great coupons
  • Coupons all mailed to your home so no worry about using your ink or stores questioning  you 🙂
  • Free Zebra Codes to avoid that shipping cost – Great for those who do not have Paypal and credit card
  • New ways to earn points that can be redeem for Zebra Codes & CASH!!

How many coupon sites give you money saving coupons & Cash for picking up those things you need???

How can you earn all this wonderful things??


Zebra Coupons  New Loyalty Program!!!

  • Fill out your Zebra Coupons Profile = Free Zebra Code
  • Fill out surveys and other tasks such as sign up for newsletters, etc  to earn points that can be redeemed for Zebra Codes and/or $5 – $10 Paypal Cash
  • What could the feature hold? Should you get points for ordering coupons, printing coupons, watching brands video promos, giving brands feedback or perhaps even product reviews 🙂

What else should they include? What else would you love to see?


LIMITED TIME : ANY current or new webSaver.ca member who completes their REWARDS
PROFILE  (THIS IS UNDER SURVEY), will be emailed a ZEBRA CODE for a FREE order of Mail to Home Coupons
from ZebraCoupons.com The profile takes about 2-3 minutes to complete and in exchange
a ZEBRA CODE for FREE will be emailed to the user within a couple of hours.
The ZEBRA Code will waive shipping and handling and users can select 48 coupons
from the 53 available in $73 dollars in savings!
The FREE ZEBRA CODES are limited and will go fast.





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