1 second Infrared Family Ear Thermometer – See Why You need it :) #InfraredFamilyEarThermometer

1 second Infrared Family Ear Thermometer
1 second

Do you have children? Grandchildren? Babysit? Have you been around sick kids?

If you have that you know exactly what I am talking about on how hard it is to take a little one’s temperature! They wiggle,  they scream, the move around. You Finally get a temperature but…….. is it accurate with all the moving and squirming they did.  There is a HUGE difference between a temperature of 103 & 104! HUGE! Are you sure you want to take that chance??

That’s what I loved about the Infrared Family Ear Thermometer by Gurin; its accurate and it takes a temperature in ONE SECOND!! I was so thrilled to get one at no charge in exchange for an honest opinion!

2button touch It’s so easy to use; one button; you will never need to worry about pushing the wrong one. Also helpful when you have kids hanging upside down lol. It’s very comfortable. Some similar thermometers are not near as comfortable; you’ll notice this on the short video I took with Devyn; before it even gets to her ear; shes anticipating it’s going to hurt, but it doesn’t 🙂

themomAnother great feature is not only does it show a digital number; if your not sure if its a normal temperature or if it’s a fever you have these other options:

A smilie face indicates you are all good (temperature of 100.4 or lower ) 🙂

If you get a sad face it means you have a fever (temperature of 100.4 or higher)  🙁  -You will also hear multiple beeps to indicate a fever!

If your temperature is outside the range of the thermometer it will show LO or HIGH {these aren’t good}

That’s 3 ways to know of a fever:

  1. Number Reading
  2. Sad Face
  3. Multiple Beeps



  • Water Proof Ear Probe
  • Ear Probe Cover
  • Easy to Clean Ear Probe
  • One Second Reading
  • Accurate
  • Reliable
  • Low Battery Indicator
  • Power Saving – Auto Power Off

What are you waiting for? Grab yours at Amazon& make your life easier 🙂

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