148 Days to Christmas !!! OMG !!! Read to make it less stressful :)

148 Days to Christmas!

I know as soon as you read that 1/2 of you wanted to throw something at me through your screen ~ ha ha ~ That’s okay! I just want you to be prepared without any stress. You can easily start doing little things to be prepared without it effecting your current budget. Even if you aren’t budget conscious; you never know what could happen. It’s awesome to be prepared even a little and take some of that stress off πŸ™‚ There are many things you can do to reduce what needs to be done later πŸ™‚

Online Shopping – Online shopping is becoming more and more popular; you can get items quite often at rock bottom prices, free shipping and often free!!

Regardless of what stores you prefer to shop from there are 4 Places you should sign up to (that are FREE) that I guarantee you will SAVE you money. All 4 places receive discounts from various retailers and share those with you with cash back. These bonuses to you are in addition to any coupons or discounts at the retailer.

When we think of Christmas I think of Sears and the Wishbook ~ As a child we couldn’t wait to get it and make our list for Santa~Β  Sears is on Ebates! All you would do is log into your Ebates account, Type Sears in the search bar and Shop at Sears as per usual πŸ™‚ The only difference is that you will earn a % of what you spent at Sears back to your Ebates account.

  1. Ebates Canada
  2. Ebates USA
  3. Shop.ca
  4. Swagbucks


The next thing that can help you prepare for Christmas is to save up coupons, points, rewards πŸ™‚

FPCFree Product couponsΒ  – Any free product coupons you have that wont expire until close to the holidays or any you gather from now until than; put aside in a place until that Christmas Grocery Shop. Facebook brands often have free product coupons and watch for posts that start with GO GO GO (That’s usually a good sign)


pampesMake sure you put in your Pampers Points and watch for posts that have bonus points for Gifts to Grow (You do not need a baby to have an account) Save them up !! pamp2Use your points close to the holidays to grab a free gift πŸ™‚

Ensure you collect as many Swagbucks as you can for free gift cards!

Using your points is a great way to get Christmas Groceries:) Airmiles, PC Plus Points and SDM (Shoppers Drug Mart) Here are all 3 of my account as of today so imagine how many I may have closer to that shop in December!


A few little things that can take a bit of stress off πŸ™‚

Air Miles PCplus Shoppers






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