2 Great Stock up Items for Only a Buck!!

These are 2 great items I would recommend stocking up on for only a BUCK! Sobey’s socked me again this week with these two amazing deals. I would personally stock up on them and I’ll explain why!

Lancia has their large pasta bags that are 900 g for only $1.00. That is a huge bag, usually 1/2 that size goes on sale for $1.00. I grabbed 2 macaroni-shaped pasta, 2 spaghetti and one that you could stuff things in like cheese, meat, etc. This pasta has no preservatives. Pasta can be used as a main dish or things like spaghetti or macaroni and tomatoes or as part of a larger meal. Pasta is a dry staple that can be stored in a cupboard and lasts for a very long time. We have 2 adults at home, kids ages 6 & 8 and one that comes home from university on holidays. $5.00 was well worth the room on our grocery budget.

Pogo, corn dog, hotdog on a stick; it goes by many names and it makes a quick easy after-school snack or a snack for those beautiful fall days where the kids just don’t want to come inside for lunch. You get 2 in a package for $1.00. I grabbed 10 of these and paid $20 for the freezer so the kids can share a package after school while they wait for super to be finished. Easy & no mess!

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