$20 Coupons and Save over 50% on EVERYTHING ~ Free Shipping ~ RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

$20 Coupons and Save over 50% ~ Free Shipping ~ RIGHT HERE!!!!!!

It’s that time of year! Trying to get all your shopping done!! Why not get it all done in one spot with great discounts, coupons, cash back and even Free Shipping!!

I have found various options on their Facebook that you can get a coupon code to use on Shop.ca that you save $20 When you spend $50 (not bad huh) & Free Shipping!!

  1. Coupon Code 1
  2. Coupon Code 2
  3. Coupon Code 3
  4. Coupon Code 4
  5. Coupon Code 5


18So are you following the savings??

$50 item – $20 coupon code = $30 & 18% CASH BACK!!! – $5.40= $24.60!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

PLUS Aeroplan Miles!!

Five Different Coupon Codes means you can do it FIVE TIMES!!!

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