2018 Financial Goals – I am sharing mine


The goals do not count if you do not write them down ! Even being Coupon Nannie I still make mistakes and can get distracted. Let me write them and share them.

  • Hit my Daily Goal on Swagbucks for 3 months in a row.
  • Open bank account for the 2 youngest children and set it up so  $50 per month per child goes into their own account.
  • Open a Family RESP for the 2 youngest girls and set it up so $50 per month per child goes into their own account.
  • We want to finish updating the 3 girls rooms, hall, living room & bathroom at under $1000 (we need paint, accessories like towel racks, light switches, light fixtures stuff like that)
  • I want to pay off 4 wheeler we did not need but Roy bought anyways last year; it has 70 km on it and we have 2 other 4 wheelers. I believe we still owe around $5000
  • I want to stay on the budget I set out today unless it means removing things from the budget due to being paid off.
  • I want to bring in an additional $200 -$500 more a month with online actives such as Swag bucks, surveys
  • I want to be able to figure out the farm animals we have; a better how much they are costing us vs what we are getting out of them?


This is what I have today 🙂 I reserve the right to come back and add to this! Post updated to it! If you would like to share yours please use the comments below to list what your goals are!

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