$50 Zweet Cash! #Win ! What would you do with the extra Cash? #ZweetCanada


Wouldn’t it be great if when you shopped instead of spending money you would make money?

Image each time you went to pick up your daily needs you got paid! It is possible and it is in Canada!

You go grocery shopping as normal, using your flyers, coupons a rewards cards to get the most bang for your buck; scan your receipt to claim you cash back and voila; That’s it!!


What I love about Zweet is is updates every Tuesday night! Unlike other apps it allows you to buy items during 2 flyer cycles, (Flyers normally run Thursday to Wednesday) . Zweet offers Cash Back on every day items You simply have a look at this week offers on your app this week, shop as your normally would and upload your receipt and claim your cash back offers!

Read each offer; as often they have multiple offers you can claim (like 2 or more of an item) an they are for items you buy every day! Not only do you earn cash  back you earn 5 points for each offer you claim, points can redeemed for gift cards such Tim Horton’s gift cards and more! When your account reaches $20 you can request a check.12255481_871079169666600_646795735_o

To date I have earned $187.75

Did I hear you say you don’t have the app?? It’s Free  IOS Here  


**Also available in Quebec



Zweet is on Twitter https://twitter.com/Zweet_Savings

Zweet on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/ZweetCanada

Zweet Website! https://www.zweet.com/



Frequently Asked Questions!

  1. Can I use coupons in store and than claim cash back? Yes you can unless the description in the cash back app says otherwise.
  2. Can I use the receipt for a mail in rebate for a product? Yes, once you scan your receipt and it is approved you are free to use it for mail in rebates, etc.
  3. How frequently can you request a check? Each time you hit the minimum payout amount you can request a payment; its really just that simple



Open to Canada Only

Giveaway ends December 8th

Must have a Zweet Account

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  1. I would like to get cash back on a regular basis on: 1. Almond milk 2. bread 3. fresh vegetables 4. fresh fruit 5. frozen fruit

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