$9 (Click to see how to get it for $4) for a Personal and Household #Budgeting Course (an $849 Value)


$9 for a Personal and Household Budgeting Course (an $849 Value)

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Learn how to stay on financial track with today’s WagJag from Shaw Academy: $9 for a personal and household budgeting course (an $849 value).

This personal and household budgeting course offers the opportunity to effectively manage your personal finances in the short term and also to plan for your future. The focus is on teaching individuals to both plan and save in real time.

Great education is useless without the tools to implement the new found knowledge, that is why all participants receive access to their own household budgeting software during their programme which supports their journey transferring how the manage their income and expenses and plan for the future.

This price won’t last long and I bet you’ll get your $4 worth!! Visit Wagjag

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