A Must Have for Camping or Power Outages #thebrightoutdoors

A Must Have for Camping or Power Outages #thebrightoutdoors

IMG_1527I really like this lantern for 2 different reasons. We will definitely take it when we go camping however we also live in a rural area and it would be extremely handy during power outages. We do not have a house phone so only have cell phones so the fact that we can see with this lantern and charge our devices.

It was a lovey day so we put it outside after rooming the film from the solar place to allow it to charge. After being in the sun throughout the day we brought it in to see how it would work. I was pleasantly surprised on how bright the LED light was. Once it was expanded (like an accordion type straw) it is even brighter. It took a bit of time to find where to pull it apart. It would be helpful to have an indicator on where to pull to expand it to avoid frustration. It has a cute little handle for carrying. It is lightweight and perfect for the kids. IMG_1571

I also like the fact that you can not only charge your phone with it, but you can plug the lantern into the computer to charge it that way. Great features in case you have days of no sun but feel you may be getting a storm and need to have a light ready. It has high, low and flashing modes and is waterproof. You can see more products like this by visiting here


**I received this product for free and/or at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest unbiased opinion however all opinions are my own based on my own experience. **

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