What’s the Deal with FACEBOOK?


What’s the Deal with FACEBOOK?

Facebook is one of the most familiar and most used social media platforms on the internet. More and more Big Brands, Companies & Small Business have a presence on Facebook.

Brands take advantage of the free to use media outlet to reach millions of people. Pages, Groups, Communities; regardless of what they are called; they are everywhere! The advantage to us; the consumer is we now have access to all of our favorite brands, services and offers at the end of our fingertips. We can sit in our home and find out things 1 second after they happen ! lol It’s true. We can try out new products, get exclusive coupons and offers, meet new people, participate in contests and giveaways.

The majority of most companies promotions are on Facebook opposed to their actual webpages. Why is that? That’s where the people are!

Facebook has done many upgrades and changes and due to many of those changes you may not have seen your favorite place’s updates recently. Here is what you can do on Your Favorite Pages ~ to ensure you don’t miss a thing ~

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It use to be as simple as just a like on the page; but Facebook is always making changes! You need to ensure you have it marked to show in your news feed & add to interests!

Yet additional changes indicate that if you want to see all content or if you don’t “appear to Facebook” to be using those pages they will slip from your news feed. Each Post you read on any page; like the post or comment. This tells Facebook you are interested in the page, are active and want to continue to see it in your interests 🙂 It also tells advertisers, sponsors and the bloggers what interests you; trust me they watch 🙂 I find it’s a great way to keep track of what I all ready signed up for and what I still need too grab!




















There are many “quick links” or “tabs” that you give you quick access to extra features such as Twitter, and more. Do you know how to access them all?


If your not as familiar with the difference from all the types of posts. These few pictures may help 🙂


Why do you need to like our Facebook Page if you already come to our blog?

Many offers, coupons, promotions are on Facebook and sometimes things go so quickly there just isn’t time to get a post up. We could be out and about, I can hit share from my Iphone on a post but I can’t write a 250 word post as easy lol. Many offers require you to like or share something.

On our Facebook page, we can chat, talk about things, share things. It’s more personal & interactive 🙂 !

What Facebook Pages are Associated with Coupon Nannie?

Coupon Nannie on Facebook

Nannie’s Coupon Chat (its a group where fans trade coupons, share brags, help each other in contests, ask questions)

Canadian Basics on Facebook ~ Our Sister Site ~

We are not found on any other Groups/Pages/Communities on Facebook 🙂


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