What is a Facebook Party

PARTYWhat is a Facebook Party?

Think of a Facebook Party as a Home Show  but on Facebook ~ It’s a great opportunity to see new products and services that you may not have been aware were out there ! It gives you a chance to learn about the products, try some, grab some deals, discounts and coupons; as well as the opportunity to win amazing stuff 🙂

The only difference is:

  • We don’t charge admission 🙂
  • We don’t charge sponsors 🙂
  • You don’t need to battle traffic or find a parking spot ~ Park on your couch where ever you like 😉
  • You don’t have people trying to pressure you to do this or that ~ You browse and look at what you want ~ When you want~

A Facebook Party has Hosts ~ Our Facebook Parties would be hosted on CouponNannie & Canadian Basics  The host is the one holding the party !!

A Facebook Party has Sponsors ~ Sponsors are the Amazing Companies out there ~ Big & Small ~ that are eager to introduce their products and services to you! They often have great deals on, special coupons, samples and usually a great giveaway of one of their amazing products & services ! It is an amazing way for consumers, marketers and companies to chat, see what’s out there, meet new people 🙂

A Facebook Party has Guests ~ Guests are all of you and everyone you choose to invite ~ The more the merrier !

A Facebook Party has Co hosts and/or Moderators ~ These could be other bloggers or page owners or even sponsors that are at the party throughout the day. There job is just to ensure everything is going smoothly and everyone is having fun! Quite often other bloggers or page owners volunteer their time to do this to see how a party works and to get ideas, build relationships, etc

What you can expect in the Pre Party Stage ?

  • You should RSVP which can be done here. This can be done before the party or during the party.
  • Check the Party Page often for any updates, etc Here it is:)
  • As Sponsors are listed ~ You should explore their pages/website see what they are all about 🙂 Be sure to like/follow/bookmark any sponsors that are of interest to you ~
  • Updates ~ We will have update on our Facebook Page, Twitter, etc to keep everyone up to date

~ Important Details ~

Facebook has some very specific rules in regards to promotions, etc. We follow rules~ The intent of party is to have fun not to create issues for us or any sponsors~ In order to comply with Facebook Rules the following must be followed in order to ensure we are within rules for the protecting of our Fan pages & those of our Sponsors ~

  • You need to RSVP at some point before the Party ends – This is the only way we know who was in attendance and to ensure we can contact you when you win a prize ! Even if you RSVP & cannot attend that is fine ~ to be eligible to win a prize you must be RSVP’d. This action cannot be done on Facebook it must be done on an outside website !
  • You must understand that a Facebook Party is not associated with Facebook in any way. It is an independent event put on by the Hosts. The hosts are 100% responsible !


  1. Am I required to like a ton of pages and share a ton of stuff to participate in the party?That’s the beauty of a party; You can choose what YOU like, what YOU want to share. We ask that you only like the pages of the Sponsors you are Interested in; we ask this as it shows the sponsors who is actually interested in their products, after that party you only want updates on the things that interested you. It’s always nice to post on their wall; that your looking forward to seeing them at the party, thanks for sponsoring the party or just a post to let them know that you LOVE their products and services.
  2. Do I have to be present for the entire party or when any prizes are awarded? You can pop into the party anytime, you do not need to be present when prizes are announced. Be sure you RSVPed so we can let you know what you won!
  3. How do I participate? That’s the fun part! We will have posts all day long about our sponsors, There may be a trivia question, or a scavenger hunt, or a guessing game. A Comment on a post is usually the easiest way 🙂 Liking the post helps us keep track of how many entries we have for each sponsor too ~ Often Sponsors who see lots of participating and interest in their product will throw in extra’s 🙂
  4. What if I have a question during the party? Simply post it and we’ll get you a response as soon as we can!
  5. Do I need to be a fan of the Host’s page? Normally, yes you do 🙂

What happens after the party?

Every host can decided if anything happens after their party. We have decided here; just because the party has ended doesn’t mean the conversations should stop ! Watch for details on the Party Invite Page as once the party ends, as giving us and the sponsors some feedback could score you some extra “after party prizes” !

Have more questions? Just ask us 🙂








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