After Christmas Deals #BoxingDay #AfterHolidaySales

Finally! Christmas morning has finally arrived and now that that part is over; it is time to start BOXING DAY SALES!! This is the time of year you can get better deals that Black Friday. You can get deals up to 90% off of sales items!! These items can be everyday items or holiday items for next year.

I live in Nova Scotia so the stores are not open on boxing day and I need to wait until December 27th to walk into a physical store so that would make my husband very happy HOWEVER I have anxiety and do not like a lot of people and there is a wonderful world of ONLINE SHOPPING!!!

If you are online shopping remember all the extra coupon codes you find and cash back options STILL APPLY!! I personally use Swagbucks first, than Ebates on most things however that’s because Swagbucks pays out more frequently and I find I can earn more this way but they are totally up to you. Visit here quickly to see what options are best for you to get cash back

Great things you can buy at a crazy low price include:

Holiday Decorations

Holiday Wrapping

Tree Ornaments

Gift Packages for personal hygiene

Holiday Clothing (Especially for kids)

Winter Clothing

Appliances (They need room for next years model)

Cars (They need room for next years model)

I know this year on my shopping list is dishes and serving trays for next year and we need to add to our tree decorations. We just purchased a new washer, dryer and fridge just before Christmas and they gave us the boxing day deals as they knew I would bring the receipt back for the 60 day price match guarantee.

What items if any are on your Boxing Day Shipping List??

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