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Your having a baby! How exciting? No one ever sits back and says “I think I can afford a child”; they are very expensive. Babies are planned, babies are not planned, regardless they need stuff. Everyone gets their “stuff” different places and tend to either buy it themselves or receive items as gifts at baby showers or other means. Regardless of how you plan on getting all the items you need; you will need a list. Everyone’s list is not the same as people require different items and different sizes for different lifestyles and different budgets however what should be the same is the practice of making a Baby Register or even a couple of them depending on the store, the delivery options and your needs.

Baby registries allow you to put exactly what you want on your “Wish List” that you can share with others and than other people know what your needs are for you and your new arrival. A hidden secret about most baby registries is they came with a surprise of samples, coupons and freebies specifically for you. This is baby companies time to really try to reach you and convince you that their products and/or services are the best so you can score some pretty great free swag.

Popular Baby Registry Places are:

Amazon Baby Registry is great and there is a free perk as well as discounts and has a $35 Free Shipping for non Prime Members

Toys R Us is another popular place for baby registries and has a free shipping on $50 or more provided it is not too heavy. I heard it was much better to register in store than online for this one as you get a better goodie bag 🙂

A registry is a good place to start. Make sure you stick with your list as not to buy more than you need of one thing. It is a great guide to let others know what your looking for. Make sure you check on line for various free samples, coupons, discounts and more for those who are expecting or just had a baby.

Know about another good Canadian Baby Registry? Let us know in the comments. Have you received a goodie bag lately? What was in it?

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