Be Prepared for Christmas & Don’t be disappointed !

beprearedBe Prepared for Christmas & Don’t be disappointed !

It may appear as though we have plenty of time to get ready for the holidays; sorry to tell you but we don’t 🙁 Especially for those of you like myself who love to order online to shop.

  • Check fine print on offers to check shipping times. Often items can take 4-6 weeks after offer ends. If they offer doesn’t end for 3 weeks; add 4-6 weeks onto that and you could be past the holiday.
  • Check the site you are order from to check about returns and refunds. Very often I find it easier to order online for say a Walmart deal but if it doesn’t fit it is much easier to take it back to the store.
  • Always check sizing charts. Sizing charts can  different from brand to brand.
  • Keep in mind with the holiday season; items can take longer than normal to arrive in the mail that are beyond the control of the supplier.
  • Don’t leave things until the last minute or you may not be able to find what you are looking for and you may have some disappointed kiddies 🙁

Anything else you can think of??

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