Canadian Tire’s Tested for Life Program – What’s the scoop!

Canadian Tire had an opportunity a few years back to be a Canadian Tire Tester; just like you see on their products and flyers. It is true; items are tested by everyday Canadians. They randomly send out an email with a survey and they do not notify you if you get chosen. Surprise! Next thing you know a delivery truck pulls up and you are excited!

Always make sure you are honest with the surveys and never try to guess what they are looking for. My husband has this account so it was a male profile that was chosen, he is almost 50 years old. Our children are 29, 25, 24,18, 8 & 6 and our grandchildren are 6, 5, 3, 1 and 2 months old. We were honest in answering the survey and were chosen for this product. There were four or five other items in the survey they asked about including a battery charger. I found this particular product of the car seat for $349 as seen here If you scroll down on the page you will see other car seats listed that say tested, but not this one yet. That’s what we are for! I will be sure to update you all with our review of the product. We have a grandson who’s ready to rock and roll in Papa’s truck and check it out!

Now I am sure you want to know, “HOW DO I SIGN UP?”. It is not that cut and dry. Occasionally they send out an email asking for new members and ask you to share with family and friends. When I see those, I always post on Coupon Nannie Facebook or try to post here! Make sure you keep an eye on our Facebook Page, Twitter, Instagram and here for more opportunities like this!!

If you are a tester, let us know in the comments what you have got to test.

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