Cash Back for Baby Needs ~ Yep there is an App for that! @SnapSaves

SnapSaves helps you Save on your Baby Needs!
Yep there is an App for that! & It Pays!!

There are no weekly limit ~ which means you can claim more than ONE ~

Tips for claiming more than one of the same product  🙂

  • Scan receipt the first time to get credit for the first of each item
  • Highlight or circle multiple items and place the number you have (eg circling all 3 packages of Huggies and placing a small 3 ) and scan a second time ~ this should get you the renaming credit !
  • If you do not get all the credit hit reply on the last email from Snapsaves to inquire about your credit 🙂

Click here to Claim your offers or sign up for Free 🙂


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