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Ways to Save in 2024

The cost of living has increased pretty steady however often wages and income has not kept up with the cost of living. It’s become more and more important to manage money, save money, make additional income, reduce waste, reuse, etc. This will be a working document and I will be adding additional posts explaining each one to make it as easy as possible for everyone to be able to use these suggestions or some variation of so that everyone can be successful.

  1. Set a budget (50/20/30 budget – 50 is essentials. 30 personal 20 saving)
  2. Set a savings goal – round up and deposit in high interest savings account
  3. 52 Week Savings – This is an article on how to save this year, you can access it here
  4. Gift Card Challenge – Learn the gift card challenge and see how you can get started here
  5. Auto Pay Bills
  6. Round up Bills so December is pretty much free – There is a formula to help you with this right here.
  7. Recheck subscriptions such as Netflix, Spotify
  8. Set timers on free trials – There are a ton of free trials for TV here
  9. Add to your mortgage or other loans/credit – Add extra
  10. Request your free credit reports – contact each lender to re negotiate price.
  11. Buy Gift Cards for your essentials so you don’t overspend (Grocery, Gas, etc)
  12. Check for new rates on phone/cable/internet/
  13. Check your insurance, costs and what it carries.
  14. Ask doctor re write prescriptions for 2/3 month at a time to reduce dispensing fee
  15. Ask for generic options for pills OR find medication savings cards
  16. Learn your price per item
  17. Check points options such as PC Optimal, Scene and redeem rewards frequent
  18. Choose a credit card wisely
  19. Go back 3 months in bank statements and inventory where your spending is , ex Tim Hortons, Gas, etc
  20. Meal Planning this can save a ton
  21. Grow your own herbs and spices
  22. Learn appropriate size portions
  23. If your going out to eat, even if fast food, check the deals, split food, do surveys on receipts
  24. Receipts are your friend
  25. Compare Prices and know your go to for most common products
  26. Use Coupons and Cash Back Apps.
  27. Know which brands are the best
  28. Try free classes, membership, etc to see if you can find which one suits your needs. Negotiate prices
  29. Switch Light bulbs, un plug items not in use, power bars, turn down heat 1 degree ,
  30. Enjoy free activities and try new things
  31. Buy off season
  32. Know when your store marks down items, the area of the store and marks down days
  33. Make extra cash
  34. Markeplace, Free cycle is your friend
  35. Know your benefits from health clubs, AAA, memberships, etc Keep a notebook
  36. Learn what receipts to start keeping for your taxes, you could be missing out on savings
  37. Take advantage of your medical benefits (Stay healthier, claim remaining on Income tax)
  38. Mystery Shopping
  39. Open a high interest savings account
  40. Ask a friend to go with them on a trip
  41. Have someone buy you a Costco gift card
  42. Buy a few items on sale in bulk
  43. Make things pre made to make things easier
  44. Learn to waste less food
  45. Use the power of social media to borrow and buy 2nd hand, or 3rd hand.
  46. Keep car , furnace, etc in top working order to reduce costs
  47. Take advantage of freebies
  48. Remember your bags!
  49. DIY – There are many things you can do it yourself
  50. Read instructions

The 52 Week Challenge

The 52 Week Challenge has always been a fun way to save some money for the next year and with a small amount you can end up with $1378.

How you ask?
Each week you put away the amount of money beside which week it is. If you follow this chart and put the funds away each month by the end of this challenge you will have a nice bit of funds to do whatever you want with .

The amounts each week increase by $1 which means the first week you put away $1 and by the final week you are putting away $52. You can also pay randomly advance amounts away.

Example of doing random advance amounts may be, that on the weeks I get money such as a paycheck I pay the higher amounts those weeks instead of the lower amount. We may be on week 2 and I am putting $2 away, but I will also try to put away $52 and mark that off so I can finish this sooner and have the money all ready to use before Xmas which would be a nice . There is a printable tracking sheet below. If you do not have a printer you can always write the amount day daily in a book or the envelope where you are putting you money away .

Why not start your kids off with new habits and to learn about saving money. Show them how they an save $361.50 . If the do not have a job or allowance, now is a perfect time learn about earning and managing money . Perhaps they can earn money doing chores or find a new way to earn some cash. This is the kids document.

Make December a Stress-Free Month! #PayingYourself

We all feel that financial crunch all year long and December seems to kick us the hardest. Then it feels as if December doesn’t take us out; January will normally. When you see larger amounts that need to be paid out, it can create stress. If you break it up into smaller amounts over a period of time it makes things not so bad.

Let’s say you have the following bills and this is the amount you pay, you can see by adding just a bit more to your regular bill each month over the first 11 months can make your December payment already paid by the time that month rolls around so you do not need to worry about paying the bill that month. I find once the cash is paid to the bill you forget about it.

Internet $80 per month X 12 Months = $960 divided by 11 months = $87.27 per month; by simply paying that extra $7.27 a month you would have paid enough that when your December bill comes; you can not make a payment that month.

If your payment is normally

  • $50 per month; you would make a payment of $54.55 that’s only $4.55 MORE
  • $60 per month; you would make a payment of $64.45
  • $70 per month; you would make a payment of $76.36
  • $80 per month; you would make a payment of $87.27
  • $90 per month: you would make a payment of $98.18
  • $100 per month: you would make a payment of $109.09
  • $125 per month; you would make a payment of $136.36
  • $150 per month; you would make a payment of $163.64
  • $175 per month; you would make a payment of $$190.10
  • $200 per month; you would make a payment of $218.18

You can see that in many cases a few cups of coffee money is all it takes. Depending on what services you have, putting as little as $5 extra on your bill can make December a bit less stress-free. I know, I know you only have so many extra $5 to put away here and there. Don’t worry the ways to earn the extra $5 here and there are coming up very soon in future articles.

Canadian Tire Testing Program

Canadian Tire Tested for Life program! You wanted information on when they were taking new testers and you are going to be SHOCKED!!

Over the last few years I have received some amazing things from Canadian Tire to test. Car seats, BBQ’s and so much more and it’s been forever since they have asked for new members and I always said I would let you know if they were looking for new testers! There is news!

I just received this email!

Just a reminder that we are moving our TESTED program to our new partner, Caddle!  This means that moving forward all TESTED Activities and Surveys will be sent through the Caddle App. 

If you haven’t already, no worries, it’s not too late and signing up on Caddle is easy!  

  1. Click on the link below to sign up for TESTED on Caddle  Your exclusive invite link is unique to you and can only be used once.
  2. Create an account by filling in your profile details using the same email address that you use for your TESTED account. 
  3. Complete your sign up by following the account creation prompts. Upon completion, Caddle will send you an e-mail to validate your email address and account.  
  4. Once you complete your validation, you can simply log in to the app and start to participate! 

If you are an existing Caddle user, that is amazing to hear! You might notice if you are clicking on the link above it takes you directly to your app. To ensure that your account gets linked, please reach out to the Caddle Support Team at, their team can validate your link and ensure you are tagged on the app as a TESTED member. 
If you have any questions, you can always email our team at We also have several resources available to help you through this change: 

We can’t thank you enough for your continued interest and active participation in the TESTED program. Your reviews help us to constantly improve so that we can continue to offer a select number of trusted, quality products to fellow Canadians.    

Thank you! 
The Canadian Tire TESTED Team 

Everyday Discounts

Where to find your money savings coupons to keep more in your wallet!

Where to find your money-saving coupons to keep more in your wallet! I know many of you are experts on coupons but there are more and more people turning to coupons and cash-back app to make those pennies stretch a bit more!

We are lucky here in Canada we have several coupon networks and brands that always have coupons ready for you to save. Times are changing and so are coupons as they aren’t just the tear pads you find in the grocery store anymore. You can find coupons in newspapers, magazines, in the mail, and on packages. Coupons are now also digital and cash-back options and we are going to explore them all. is an oldie but still going strong. You can log into anytime and choose printed and mailed to your home coupons! You can visit them anytime here They frequently have special or limited-time coupons and you need to be on the ball to quickly grab them. We at Coupon Nannie try to post them on our Facebook page and here on the blog as soon as they are made available. is another oldie but a good one. They use to be exclusively mailed coupons but now are primarily printed coupons and cash back. Cash Back options are a wonderful way to get money back especially if you don’t have a printer! Check out all their offers here, although their website indicates they have digital, printed and cash back options, they often have mailed coupons and they are normally freebies or BOGO which go really quick. Check out their selection of coupons here

P&G is a great one as you can not only score coupons but often free samples and can earn free products! Check out all they have to offer

Now there are several brands that want to ensure you save!

Tasty Rewards

Tasty Rewards has coupons on all your Quaker, Lays, Ruffles, and so many more brands! Check out all the printed coupons by visiting Tasty Rewards! (No printer? Check out websavers cash back options you may be surprised what you find)

Kelloggs has coupons that you can pick what you need! You can get coupons mailed to your home, printed, cashback and digital! Check out all the selection here Just because you can only order 5 at a time mailed to your home, don’t let that get you down as you can still get cash back, printed and more!

Nature’s Bounty has coupons for all your vitamins and supplements. Some coupons are as high as $5.00 so check out Nature’s Bounty Coupons offers.

Websavers hosts lots of partner coupons and portals so I would highly recommend you check out their offerings!

Danone has coupons too. If you have kids I am sure you have purchased a product or two from them. If you happen to check and see their coupons are out, check back often as they frequently replenish them. Check them out

Huggies! Check out their diaper & wipes coupons! No reason to pay full price. They have quite a few listed, have a look. New baby? They will give you a free package of diapers and wipes!

As always check out our extensive list of Cash Back apps and Points apps that we will be updating regularly! You can find that list here

Our Experience on Cross Country Checkup ~ Working together to help you cut costs

On Sunday, June 19, 20222 I had the chance to work with CBC on an inflation show on how to cut costs! I was live with Ian Hanomansing which was a very nice experience! I was very excited to be able to contribute and hopefully inspire a few others to start using coupons and cash back offers.

I must say I was a bit nervous however the staff at CBC was beyond wonderful. It started with Steve Howard, one of the producers who reached out on Coupon Nannie via email. It was several follow up emails, than I spoke to someone else who did a sound check and ensured my laptop was showing properly and everyone could hear me, than it was time for the live show! Ian made it very easily and smooth to be able to talk and give my input about apps and savings

If you missed the show you can check out the print story and the full show by visiting CBC Radio by visiting here

Cross Country Checkup is Canada’s only national phone-in show, broadcasting live from coast to coast to coast. Checkup is Canada’s weekly town hall — a place for raw, honest perspectives on the most pressing issues of the week. For over 55 years, it’s where Canadians gather to listen to each other every Sunday afternoon. Call us: 1-888-416-8333.

CBC Cross Country Checkup

Have a listen and let us know what you think! Due to all the new followers, watch for Coupons 101 from the beginning which will be a great refresher and great starting point for new people trying to stretch their money just a little bit further!

Do you have all the Money Saving Apps? You could be missing rewards

The price of food continues to skyrocket and there doesn’t appear to be a light at the end of the tunnel any time soon. If you have a few minutes to spare before you shop you could be reducing your grocery bill , getting rewards and much more just by having some money saving apps.  You can get instant coupons, you can get cash back , all sorts of wonderful things just by checking and using your receipts. Get a receipt for everything as every one is cash back in your pocket.

Before you head out shopping have you checked all your money-saving apps?

  • Checkout 51 is a money saving app that gives you cash back on your groceries with new options  every Thursday. You can also earn additional funds by completely short surveys.   $1093.73 & counting I have received personally from cash back options!!  Your Checkout51 App (click to join for Free) & the website for great cash back offers to see where you can save!! (Simply shop as usual and take pictures of your receipt and score CASH BACK) Visit our post to learn all about it by clicking here
  • PC Optimum  Personally have received thousands of dollars of FREE GROCERIES. Earn points while you shop at Loblaws (Superstores)  & Shopper Drug Mart and redeem at these locations.  New Offers every Thursday!! You can also add special offers for P& G products to your offers as well. Visit this portal here to add the offers to your card. **Wednesday you can swipe up to 4 offers to save for next week.
  • Reebee this is a great app to bring up any flier including your competitors if you are price matching
  • Sobey’s App  I am really loading up on bonus Air Miles and the new offers are every Wednesday!  load your paperless coupons of both cents off & Air miles (Simply visit get my offers and load your offers to your card and present your card in store, when you reach 95 Air Miles you can redeem for $10)
  • Air miles – Check your Air miles App to download new bonus offers for local retailers on an ongoing basis!! There are additional offer to add to your Air Miles card, I often add extra Sobey’s offers for products. Needs, and various other Air Miles partners so check often!
  • Your Caddle App for additional cash back offers. I have received over $271 in Cash Back!! As seen on Dragons Den!  You also get the option to watch 15-30 second video and simple survey (4-5 questions) that add to your total. You can claim Costco receipts up to 6 times per week now !!
  • GoCoupons – Now has Cash Back Options. Currently 37 options !
  • Receipt Hog – A new app I am been trying out for a few weeks that appears very simple, you simply take a picture your receipts and earn coins you can redeem for free gift cards, etc. I have redeemed 10 times!!  You can redeem your points for Amazon gift cards, Visa or Paypal If you use my code: brod4079 at sign up, you will get a bonus when you upload your fist receipt.
  • Coinout – Another great money saving app! Scan your receipts and get random accounts of change. You can cash out as low as $2.50. I have redeemed 7 times.
  • FlashFoods – This is an amazing app for Super Store, Loblaws, etc. It contains foods that are close to expiry that are highly discounted up to 50% off!! You can choose these items directly from your app and have them reserved for you to pick up.  If you join and use my code DANAVRDN , when you spend  $10.00 or more  you will earn a $5.00 credit to use 🙂 Than find your friends and family link and share with them so they too can get free food and the app with automatically credit you a bonus for each friend which you can redeem for FREE FOOD!! I LOVE THIS APP! The $5 fruit/veggie boxes are always a hit.
  • Ampli Hey! Get $5 in free cash when you sign up and connect an account to Ampli. When you connect, you get cash back and so do I! Happy cash backing! Sign up using my code DANA47955
  • Websaver Cash Back  Simply browse the offers and claim your cash
  • Drop  Currently an awesome $5 Sign up Bonus! Earn points for shopping at Tim Hortons, McDonalds and more and earn gift cards!! I have personally received various $10 Amazon gift cards!
  • Neilsen Home Scan Use your app on your phone to scan your products you buy. Earn points that you can redeem for gift cards or gifts! Just received a $25 Indigo card the other day 🙂
  • Triangle Rewards New program by Canadian Tire. You can now earn and redeem your rewards at more locations.
  • Eclipsa  is a new cash back app that similar to Checkout51 gives you cash back on specific items
  • GiantTiger , register online for your free account. When you check out at Giant Tiger either provide them with the phone number on your account or show them your app and they will scan it and watch money fall of your bills right at the checkout.
  • P&G, register to get offers for cash back, coupons and even free samples
  • Gocoupons also offer Cash back

I personally use all these money savings  apps. Some are newer than others and I am still testing a few new ones out but I LOVE FREE Cash, FREE Groceries & Free Gift Cards!! Most simply require you to open the app once a week, normally Thursday to download new offers for the week. You shop normally and either scan your products or take pictures of you receipt.  It all adds up and is money you save and back in your pocket.

Grocery Shopping at Dollarama – How much can you save?

It’s no secret that grocery prices like everything else are going through the roof but can you really do grocery shopping at the Dollarama? How much can you save? Is it worth the trip or should you not bother?

What did I get for my $70? Was it worth it or not?

The grocery bills are soaring , the gas bills are soaring, all our bills are soaring and we need to find ways to save. Remember when grocery stores use to have dollar days and when items at the Dollarama were only $1? Those were the good old days. Now you cannot pick up anything for a dollar unless you really look and it is more and more important to know your prices.

Tonight I noticed the pantry cupboard was getting pretty low and after dropping the one of the girls off to Brownies , me and the other child headed for Dollarama to see what deals we could find!.

The first items were the kids favouite to have for the weekend lunch day or to put in a thermos for school lunch but these items have skyrocketed in the last while. Regular price at Superstore is $2.19 a can. If you buy a minimum of 4 you can save $0.44 a can. If I was to buy the 8 cans at full price would be $17.52 and at the discounted rate of $1.75 I would be looking at $14.00. The great news is that Dollarama has these for $1.25 each! I was able to get 8 of them for $10.00 saving me $4.00 off the multi buy price or a whooping $7.52 off the single can pricing!

I was pumped saving $4.00 off just one of my items I needed to stock the pantry with so I was excited for the next items the kids enjoy, which is rice and pasta! Normally we do a lot of cooking from scratch but some days who has time and well somethings are just easier all ready spiced up and ready.

Knorr Sidekicks noodles and Ben’s Fast & Fancy Rices

Knorr Sidekicks sell for $2.19 each as well at the local Atlantic Superstore but if you buy 3 you can get them for the discounted price of $2.00 each saving $0.19 each package! I was grabbing 4 packages of them, 2 different kinds. If I was to purchase signally at Supestore we are looking at $8.76 but since I was buying 4 I could save and only need to spend $8 saving $0.76! The Dollarama sells them for $1.50 each making four of them $6.00 . I’m saving $2.00 from the bulk price and $2.76 from the single price.

Ben’s rice for the simply Fast & Fancy retails for $1.99 each but if you buy 3 you can pay only $1.33 each saving $0.66 EACH! Once again the Dollarama charges only $1.25. I was buying 8 of them and only paid $10.00!

Those hot chicken gravy packages are 2/$1.25 , comparable gravy packages are $1.99 or if you buy more than 3 you can get them for $1.66 but at Dollarama you are paying approximately $0.63. You save $1.03 EACH!! I bought 4 and saved $4.12 .

These 4 items alone and I have saved $14.78 at Minimum.

’m not going to explain every single item but each and every item you save money on! I spent $69.87 and purchased 49 items! Bag of chips were $2 each, chocolate bars $0.87, Basmati Rice, $1.00, Manwich $1.50, Vermicelli $1.50 and lots of extra’s to keep the kiddos happy. I will admit I did splurge $3.50 on Salsa . I saved about $25 over all compared to the lowest price at the cheapest grocery store prices locally. We didn’t need bread or canned meats or tuna but if I needed them I would too have purchased them here as the savings cannot be beat!

Let us know what other finds we need to check out next time we are trying to fill our pantry!

Cutting the Cord to Cable & Satellite – It really is time.

Just like most everyone in Canada at one point or another, I too had a monthly bill for my television watching that somehow grew to over $100 per month plus tax and I knew it was time to cut the cord and rely on streaming services online for my enjoyment.

The first thing we did was sit down as a family and list all the shows we “HAD” to have and was quite surprised to see how small that list actually was. Next on our list was shows we would like to have and things of interest to see what channels and options we needed and to see how low we could keep our bill. On top of regular satellite cost, we were all ready paying for Netflix and as a bargain hunter I also subscribed to Amazon Prime for what use to be 2 day free shipping. My husband also was paying for a Spotify account so they kids could have music in addition to everything else we had.

Once we sat down and hammered out the list of what we had and the cost we were spending each month I was so stumped on why we didn’t cut the cord to cable long ago. This is just a rough idea of what we had:

Satellite bill $140 Monthly

Amazon Prime $7.41 Monthly ($89 yearly )

Netflix $15 Monthly

Spotify $15 Monthly

Approximately $178.00 a month just for television and music listening. We paid our internet bill on top of that. We decided cutting the cord to cable was happening and it was going to happen now.

The first thing I knew that we could stop was Spotify. I understand the kids like their music and so do I but we already had music included with the Amazon Prime Membership! If you are not a member of Amazon prime, you can get your first 30 days for free! Sign up here to get started

What does Amazon Prime give you for your money?

  • You get free shipping with no minimum purchase on millions of products that are prime delivery
  • You get access to deals and lightening deals before non prime members.
  • Free Release Date Deliveries: You have the option to pre order new releases on games, books, etc and have them delivered to your home on their release date.
  • Amazon Video – Watch Amazon originals, popular moves, TV shows and more – Personally we still are not tired of prime video, there are always new things coming on that interest our entire family
  • Amazon music – You have access to over 2 million songs ad free – Kids like that if you open it on your tv with you smarttv or firestick, it also shows you the words so you can sing along with it and be right .
  • Free Kindle Books – Get access to hundreds of books,including childrens book all for free in your membership!
  • Free Unlimited Photo Storage on Amazon Drive – Access you photos from any device at any time
  • Free Amazon Gaming – This gives you access to free games and content on Twitch

As you can see for under $100 a YEAR the benefits you get are an amazing deal ! Get your free 30 day trial here and than only $79 plus tax annually!

If you are a student, you can get 6 MONTHS FREE Prime membership by visiting here and only pay $3.99 a month after that with a cancel any time.

If you want an upgrade to any service you can get it however I have not found it necessary yet. If you want access to even more Music with Amazon Music you can get a deal right now! Sign up for Amazon Music paid extra membership and get 6 months access to Disney + FREE

In our home we have the Amazon Echo, Dot, a few plug in’s that allow us to voice activate lights and other items, it only made sense to buy the Amazon Fire Stick that allows me to not only have a nice remote, but it’s voice activated, It allows me to download other apps for my tv viewing pleasure. I can access my Amazon Music, my Amazon Video, Pod Casts, and so much more!

CityTV is a free app you can download and you do not pay for it. It’s 100% free. You can watch shows live or you can watch them on your own time. I watch General Hospital every day on the free app. Our household also watches Chicago Fire, Med and PD and CityTV offers all of these shows, Law and Order and so many other free prime time shows! You can see all the shows offered on City TV by visiting here You do not need to log in with a TV provider to watch this channel.

The all time favorite CTV does not require you to log in to watch it however there is a slight catch. It’s not a bad one and well worth it if you do not want to pay for the channel. How many Grey’s Anatomy fans are in the house and Station 19?? The catch…………. you need to watch the show the following day but before next weeks episode airs. Grey’s, for example, is on Thursday evening, I can watch the show Friday or any other day up to next Thursday, on the day of the episode they lock the previous weeks show. You have almost a week to watch it so that should be plenty of time before they lock it up. You can see the list of shows here

CBC Gem is yet another free app you can download and pay zero dollars a month. It features LIVE tv, shows, kids , documentaries and more! No need to sign in to watch it. See all the content Gem has to offer here

Stack TV is a 12 channel subscription package that you can add on through you Amazon Video for only $12..99 per month after usually get 2 months free . The channels are great for a wide variety of audiences and include: Global, HGTV Canada, Food Network Canada, W Network, Showcase, Slice, Adult Swim, National Geographic, HISTORY®, TELETOON, Treehouse, and YTV. This does include access to the popular The Good Doctor and Oak Island.

Discovery + is a new option for Canada that offers two different add on prices, for $4.99 a month you can get content with ads (trust me it’s not that many) or $6.99 a month without ads. Channels you get is all Discovery Channel, TLC, HGTV, Food Network, Animal Planet, Magnolia Network, natural history content from BBC, Science Channel and more

Netflix has plans from $9.99 to $20.99 per month

Disney Plus Canada includes: Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic and Star for a cost $11.99 per month or $119 annually

We have an adult child out of the who subscribes to Disney Plus and we subscribe to Netflix family account so she pays for Disney and I pay for Netflix.

Our current cost for our TV and music pleasure is much different!

Amazon Prime $7.41 per month ( $79 plus tax annually)

Stack TV $12.99 per month

Discovery+ $4.99 per month

Netflix $16.99 per month

Disney+ No charge as shared.

We now spend only $42.38 per month compare to $178 for a MONTHLY SAVINGS of $135 ! We have option to more channels, more things we like and enjoy, lots of new options and most importantly we save over $100 a month just from cutting the cord on cable.

What free or low cost options do you have? Are there other free apps or memberships that are a reasonable rate we could benefit from:? Let us know in the comments, we would love to add them to help others save too!

Is Private Label Store Brand Food Really Cheaper?

You have seen all the tips and trick of grocery shopping but is the private label brand food really cheaper than the brand name food? Today I looked at various foods and found that the way things are placed on the shelf and their pricing strategy are designed to make you think that private label is cheaper and increasing their sale. Are you really getting the best bang for you buck?

I’ve always been conscious of pricing of things and always looking for the best deal. I have a fairly good idea on what is a price point that is expensive, reasonable and fill that cart and stock up price. A large majority of people know this for most items they buy on a regular basis and grab deals when they can. How many people based that on habit of buying the item opposed to actual math and signage? Everyone looks at the big sticker price but very few check the small print on the tag . I watched today at the grocery store and never saw a single person look at the small print on the tag . You than have the added confusion of stores strategically placing similar private label along side of brand name items but with a lower sticker price on the big price tag even if the packing was smaller. Most people, because their is a significant price different quickly rationalize the smaller portion as the price is so good and it is not that much smaller so you are saving money. That however is not true at all and I have some pictures to show you.

I needed some canned pumpkin and it is not an item I normally buy on a regular basis so I have no idea what a good price or bad price is for this item. I looked at both the private label and the brand name quickly, noted the price difference and initially had the private label one as it appeared without really looking to be the best deal. I stopped and thought, wait, let me check and I was like “WHAT??”

At initial glance the 389 ml of No Name Pumpkin at $3.29 looked like the best deal compared to the 796 ml of E.D Smith pumpkin for $4.99 that was directly beside it on the shelf. Due to the shapes of the can, just looking at them didn’t seem like a big difference, until you look at the small print. The small print written to the left of the shelf tag above the bar code gives you the numbers you need to compare to see if you are really getting the best deal. The name brand one is Actually 20 cents cheaper per 100 ml of product that the no name one! That should be the opposite way around shouldn’t it, if private label really is the cheaper option?? The private label no name pumpkin cost you $0.82 per 100 ml of product whereas the brand name E.D. Smith pumpkin will only cost you $0.62 per 100 ml of product! This wasn’t even an item that was on sale, this is regular every day prices. It was a common theme throughout the store that product after product, the private label was actually more expensive than the brand name product.