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40% OFF until midnight – including clearance!

40% off until Midnight at Old Navy and that includes their clearance prices!! I love a good sale and when you can get 40% off that, it makes it even more amazing!!

Old Navy Sale

Prices of everything are going through the roof but there are some things we cannot put off. I know school just ended but it’s never too early to start getting ready. The kids are fans of Old Navy so is a mom as the prices are reasonable. We tend to look right in the clearance section as they have a ton of items and often 50% off or more. The girls have learned chances are you can pick things out of the sale section and get more items as they are cheaper. So it’s a win-win!

Canadian Tire Testing Program

Canadian Tire Tested for Life program! You wanted information on when they were taking new testers and you are going to be SHOCKED!!

Over the last few years I have received some amazing things from Canadian Tire to test. Car seats, BBQ’s and so much more and it’s been forever since they have asked for new members and I always said I would let you know if they were looking for new testers! There is news!

I just received this email!

Just a reminder that we are moving our TESTED program to our new partner, Caddle!  This means that moving forward all TESTED Activities and Surveys will be sent through the Caddle App. 

If you haven’t already, no worries, it’s not too late and signing up on Caddle is easy!  

  1. Click on the link below to sign up for TESTED on Caddle  Your exclusive invite link is unique to you and can only be used once.
  2. Create an account by filling in your profile details using the same email address that you use for your TESTED account. 
  3. Complete your sign up by following the account creation prompts. Upon completion, Caddle will send you an e-mail to validate your email address and account.  
  4. Once you complete your validation, you can simply log in to the app and start to participate! 

If you are an existing Caddle user, that is amazing to hear! You might notice if you are clicking on the link above it takes you directly to your app. To ensure that your account gets linked, please reach out to the Caddle Support Team at, their team can validate your link and ensure you are tagged on the app as a TESTED member. 
If you have any questions, you can always email our team at We also have several resources available to help you through this change: 

We can’t thank you enough for your continued interest and active participation in the TESTED program. Your reviews help us to constantly improve so that we can continue to offer a select number of trusted, quality products to fellow Canadians.    

Thank you! 
The Canadian Tire TESTED Team 

Everyday Discounts

Where to find your money savings coupons to keep more in your wallet!

Where to find your money-saving coupons to keep more in your wallet! I know many of you are experts on coupons but there are more and more people turning to coupons and cash-back app to make those pennies stretch a bit more!

We are lucky here in Canada we have several coupon networks and brands that always have coupons ready for you to save. Times are changing and so are coupons as they aren’t just the tear pads you find in the grocery store anymore. You can find coupons in newspapers, magazines, in the mail, and on packages. Coupons are now also digital and cash-back options and we are going to explore them all. is an oldie but still going strong. You can log into anytime and choose printed and mailed to your home coupons! You can visit them anytime here They frequently have special or limited-time coupons and you need to be on the ball to quickly grab them. We at Coupon Nannie try to post them on our Facebook page and here on the blog as soon as they are made available. is another oldie but a good one. They use to be exclusively mailed coupons but now are primarily printed coupons and cash back. Cash Back options are a wonderful way to get money back especially if you don’t have a printer! Check out all their offers here, although their website indicates they have digital, printed and cash back options, they often have mailed coupons and they are normally freebies or BOGO which go really quick. Check out their selection of coupons here

P&G is a great one as you can not only score coupons but often free samples and can earn free products! Check out all they have to offer

Now there are several brands that want to ensure you save!

Tasty Rewards

Tasty Rewards has coupons on all your Quaker, Lays, Ruffles, and so many more brands! Check out all the printed coupons by visiting Tasty Rewards! (No printer? Check out websavers cash back options you may be surprised what you find)

Kelloggs has coupons that you can pick what you need! You can get coupons mailed to your home, printed, cashback and digital! Check out all the selection here Just because you can only order 5 at a time mailed to your home, don’t let that get you down as you can still get cash back, printed and more!

Nature’s Bounty has coupons for all your vitamins and supplements. Some coupons are as high as $5.00 so check out Nature’s Bounty Coupons offers.

Websavers hosts lots of partner coupons and portals so I would highly recommend you check out their offerings!

Danone has coupons too. If you have kids I am sure you have purchased a product or two from them. If you happen to check and see their coupons are out, check back often as they frequently replenish them. Check them out

Huggies! Check out their diaper & wipes coupons! No reason to pay full price. They have quite a few listed, have a look. New baby? They will give you a free package of diapers and wipes!

As always check out our extensive list of Cash Back apps and Points apps that we will be updating regularly! You can find that list here

Learn Coupon Lingo

Coupon Lingo ~ Let’s make sense of it all.

Coupons equal savings and trust me when I saw you can save a lot of money with coupons and I will show you how to do that but first you need to learn the coupon lingo. It’s the lingo that is often most often not understood and that leads to not getting maximum savings!

How do I know the coupon lingo and am I sure that’s what the manufactures mean?

I have taken the time over the years to contact the manufactures to make sure that is exactly what they mean.

B1G1 – Buy 1 Get 1 (sometimes the get one is Free or a Discounted amount up to 50% off)

BOGO – Buy 1 Get 1 (sometimes the get one is Free or a Discounted amount up to 50% off)

CB – Cash Back

FPC – Free Product Coupon

E-Coupon – An electronic coupon delivered via the internet, etc.

E- Gift Card – A gift card delivered via the internet, email, etc.

GO GO GO -If you see a post like this, it means that from experience whatever it is will go super quick so do not hesitate! RUN!!

HashTag – A hashtag starts with a # and than some key words or phrases, for example #CouponNannie. If you typed that phrase in Twitter, Pinterst, Instagram, Facebook, you would get results that have that exact word.

MIR – Mail in Rebate

One coupon per purchase (per purchase of a product; if you are buying 5 items you can have 5 coupons as each item is a different purchase) One per product (per product is the same as per purchase; if you are buying 3 items you can use 3 coupons)

One per transaction (buying 4 products? That means each item needs to be in a separate transaction and you should have 4 separate transactions )

One per person (that means you can purchase one and use one coupon; if there are two people there you can use two coupons when purchasing two products)

One per Family (One coupon, one product and it doesn’t matter if you are the Brady Bunch, you are still only leaving with one so only give them one coupon)

Peelies – these are coupons that you peel the sticker off the product (do not peel these off products you are not buying)

Price Match – If you find another price at the local competitor we will beat the price (some places as much as 10% below) Most stores allow you to apply coupons as well.

Price Match Guarantee – If the product you buy goes on sale at our store any time in 15-30 days (depends on the store) after you purchase it, bring in your receipt and we will give you the difference back.

Rain Check – If the product you want is not in stock ask the customer service for a rain check, when the product comes in stock you will get it at the advertised price. This is great for those stock up items like soup, tuna, etc. Most stores allow coupons to be applied.

RUN – If you see a post like this, it means that from experience whatever it is will go super quick so do not hesitate! GO GO GO!

SCOP– Scanning Code Practices state that if your item rings up wrong price at the register compared to it’s posted advertised price and it’s under $10 you get the item for free or if it is over $10, you get it at the sales price – $10

Tag– Often a phrase you see in a contest or giveaway to tag someone, if you hit the @ symbol and someone’s name if they are on your friend list their name becomes clickable and alerts them of whatever you tagged them on that you want them to see. It’s a great way to share offers with your friends and family quickly.

Tear Pads– Coupons found in grocery stores by the products, please do not take more than you will use and please do not take all the coupons,leave some for others.

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments and we will be sure to update our list !

52 Week Savings Challenge! Are you Game for the Challenge in 2020??

How Does it Work?

The 52-week challenge is when you save the same amount of money for which week you are on.

For instance week one you save $1, in week two you save $2, and so on. By the end of your 52 weeks, you will have saved $1,378.00.

It may not seem like a whole lot, but it is when you are not taking that much each week from your paycheck and just putting it in a jar and allowing it to add up.

If Your household has two incomes both try doing the challenge, so in 52 weeks you will have saved $2,756.00 or more because when your other half throws their loose change on the dresser-  add that in there as well….every little bit counts so grab a large jar and get to saving!

Click here for PDF File that you can save and/or print.

Enter to Win

Enter Daily Canada Contest #CaWin #Canada

Enter Daily Contests

It is Christmas time on the Internet and there are tons up tons up tons of giveaways and contests! You scan score some incredible things. There is not a year that goes by that I don’t win something worth over $100 or more. One year I won 3 mini Ipads. I have won $500 gift cards, gift backs, sneakers, clothes, food, decorations and more! These contest come out annual and are legit! Make sure you check your emails daily as winners need to get a hold of them asap. If you see at the end of any of the contest links that is simply showing the company where the traffic is coming from; it is not giving me any advantage. Please let us know when you win things as we love to hear that. If your needing an Instagram or Twitter or Facebook contest partner to tag you, post in comments and help each other out. You cannot win if you don’t enter! If you find some we don’t have, please list them in comments and referral inks are fine! We will enter under you.

Dec 14 Pela

Dec 14 Vessi

Dec 15 Boat, Motor and Trailer

Dec 15 Ellen

Dec 15

Dec 17 Oaken Financial
Code Words: TFSA, PersonalFinance, Oaken, GIC

Dec 18 Cetaphil (weekly)

Dec 18 National Bank

Dec 24 ALC Atlantic Canada

Dec 24 DHL

Day 24 Gaylea

Dec 24 Holt Renfrew
Dec 24 OC Hair Bath & Beauty
Dec 24 Reebee

Dec 25 Radio Flyer

Dec 31 Linen Chest

Jan 3 Dairy Farmers of Canada
Jan 4th Tunespeak
Jan 7 Kitchen Makeover

Free Lego Magazine

Free Lego Magazine Subscription for Kids

LEGO® Life Magazine is free!

If your child is between the ages of 5 and 9 you can get them a FREE subscription to LEGO® Life Magazine. All you have to do is sign up for an account, or log in to your child’s existing one.

LEGO® Life Magazine can only be mailed in the primary language to addresses in markets offering the LEGO Life Magazine. Please allow 6 to 14 weeks for delivery of your first mailing. Offer is limited to one free subscription per person, group or organization.


Kids love getting mail! Why not get them something Free like a Free Lego Magazine Subscription

12 Days of Christmas Giveaway & Contest Master List – Canadian Edition

It’s the favourite time of year for those who contest! The delightful 12 days of Christmas Giveaways and Contest put on by Hundreds of Businesses and Services. You will notice many last 24 days, some skip weekends when they count their 12 days, but at the end of the day who cares; it’s the potential for lots of free stuff. If you do not enter giveaways, THIS is the time of year to try, Enter EVERYTHING!! You will win something, sometimes LOTS of things!! I’ll be updating end dates as I see them, I will try to keep them in easy-to-find order. Please if you see any I missed please put a link to it in the comments and I will add it to the list; your referral link is fine. If anything is broken please tell me. I will make a totally different post for any giveaways that are not daily entries or a new prize daily so that you can easily bookmark this page and go down the list to keep straight what you entered and what you missed.

These are contests I have found at various places. I have no part in these contests in any way, I have simply gathered them and put them all in one place to make it easier for you.

Who remembers the traditional 12 days of Christmas as posted above in a cute tree I found on the internet.

Daily I was trying to keep them in order however after the first 12 days many businesses have started the additional contests with random end dates!

Urban Planet
Made Good Foods

Code Word:

  • ChristmasTiger

Covid-19 Benefits , Tax Credits and other Financial Assistance

Covid-19 Benefits and assistance

Are you working from home? Pay attention to this tax credit announced $400 Tax Credit with no questions asked. Make sure you are aware of the traditional tax credits you are eligible for just from working from home! Make sure you are saving your receipts! Check out what it’s saying here

Do you have kids under 6 years old? Read this article to see how you will be getting $1200 more per child if you make under $120 000 next year!!

There are currently 5 federal programs running that you could benefit from

Canada Recovery Benefit (CRB) Employed and self employed individuals who are effected by the Covid-19 pandemic and don’t qualify for EI benefits can apply

Canada Recovery Care giving Benefit (CRCB) If you are unable to work because of the Covid-19 pandemic due to caring for your child or a family member that needs supervised care.

Canada Recovery Sickness Benefit (CRSB) Employed or self-employed individual who are sick and need to self isolate due to Covid-19 pandemic can apply.

Canada Emergency Rent Subsidy (CERS) Business, no profits and charities that are impacted financially by Covid-19 pandemic can apply for a subsidy to cover part of their commercial rent and property expenses

Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS) Employers can apply to receive part of their employee wages to support start of bring them back to work

You can see the details and how to apply for all 5 of these programs by visiting the official government site here

In additional to federal benefits there are provincial benefits you may qualify for. Each day I will research and add the additional provinces

We will start with Nova Scotia!

Nova Scotia Government is waiving the $5 co-pay prescription charge for people in the Income Assistance Program and Low Income Pharmacare for Children Program

1 2% cap on rental increases for existing tenants and a ban on renovations is in place until February 1st 2022 or until the state of emergency is lifted.

Student Loan payments suspended until 30 September 2020

There are several options for business as well

Visit here to for all the details

If you know of benefits we missed please let us know in the comments and we will add them to help everyone!

Canadian Class Action Lawsuits

Canadian Class Action Lawsuits – Are you eligible?

Canadian Class Action Lawsuits are all located on one site to make it easy for you. You may be surprised what’s listed!

This is a legit site, with actual Canadian Class Action Lawsuits, most require no proof. I was shocked to see a few that applied to this household. There is even one against Amazon.

Check the list here

They are always updating and adding to the list. In the past I have received various cheques that range anywhere from $6 – $100.