Gay Lea Checkout 51

Changes in Gay Lea Foods Coupon Program

I just received this email from Gay Lea Foods which is important about their coupon program

“As part of Gay Lea Foods’ ongoing commitment to sustainability, we will be transitioning towards paperless couponing. Instead of a printable eNewsletter coupon, moving forward we’ll be offering more coupons through the Checkout 51 App. By offering digital coupons instead of the printed option, Gay Lea Foods is saving almost 3,000 pounds of paper each year.”

Please visit here to register to save at Checkout 51! It is free to download on your phone or tablet. You can have an account without a phone or tablet if you have a laptop and/or computer with a scanner on your printer. $1125.16 is how much I have personally received to date.

Here is a previous post I have done on how to use Checkout 51, it’s very simple.

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