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Covid -19 & Financial Resources for you #Covid19

These are very uncertain times in Canada with COVID-19; the unemployment rate is higher than ever, and more families have no idea where their next dollar may come from. There are various ways to save money during these times, and various programs and services are ready to help Canadians. Everyone has a different opinion on if it is enough, the right people are getting it, too many people are being left out and more. Those things are not for me to decide; my job is only to try to find things that could help my readers.

Mortgage & Rent


Mortgage and/or rent is the most important thing on everyone’s mind. You need a place to rest your head. While many places offer mortgage deferring; which essentially means paying your mortgage payments at a later date; it is simply only adding time to the end of your mortgage. You will still pay interest and it is going to be building up over more time. If you can pay all of your mortgage try to or at least part of it. If you can NOT pay your mortgage you cannot assume you can just not pay for 6 months; you need to apply and you need to see if you are eligible.

Many provinces have made comments such as landlords cannot evict you; that is not a blanket statement. There are still circumstances in which you can be evicted. Your landlord cannot get mortgage relief, their mortgage is still due. Keep in mind if no one pays their rent and the landlord cannot pay the bank, the bank may take possession of the property and no one will have a place to live. Please work with your landlord; call your landlord if you are having issues. If you get some money in, pay some to your landlord. Everyone is feeling the financial pinch. Please keep in mind that landlords may need to sell buildings to help with their finances and need to show the building; please try to be accommodating while respecting social distancing. It is a great way to make a good first impression on a new landlord.



Your car or truck payment may also have the option to have it deferred, please contact the place you finance your car. Please know that this will add more time to your loan and it will cost more so avoid that if at all possible. If you can pay even some on your loan that will always be better than none at all.

Gas prices are at an all-time low so it is a great time to fill up your tank, even if you are not going anywhere. Make sure you have any extra gas cans filled up too.

Insurance costs, if you are not driving as much, should go down! Call your car insurance company to see how much of savings you can get. Many people have received discounts of upwards of $250. Here is an article CBC did on that very subject!

The CERB is one of the largest benefits launched by the federal government, which includes benefits for those with an income loss, GST increases, information on the extension to income tax filing and so much more. Here is a great link with all the information!

Nova Scotia

In Nova Scotia, if you are classed as a low-income person or family, you could be eligible for the heating rebate again! Even if you were eligible last year you are probably eligible again! Visit here to apply

Nova Scotia’s Worker Fund & Business Grant is an emergency gap fund. Visit here to see if you qualify.

Nova Scotia additional supports for those on social assistance adding an extra $50. The details are listed here

British Columbia

British Columbia has a special amount set up for those on disability and assistance as well as bus pass help. You can find out more by visiting here.


Alberta has a great website set up with links to both federal and provincial assistance links! A great list of resources can be found here


Saskatchewan’s plan includes deferral to utilities and much more. Check out their exclusive list.

New Brunswick

NB also has a program to help those who didn’t qualify for any programs. You can see the information here to see if you qualify!

There are many different programs and resources that are added every day, some are just for specific provinces and some are valid Canada-wide. Please feel free to leave comments with information on any programs I may have missed that can help. Stay Safe

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