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Free Quit Pack for that Smoker in Your Family

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Free Trial Quit Pack!!

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Are you a smoker or know someone who is? This is a great way to get that person to quit smoking! Free Trial Quit Pack!!

NICODERM®/NICORETTE® Combination Therapy Trial Pack Offer

Smokers’ Helpline is pleased to be able to offer a trial package of NICODERM® patches and NICORETTE® nicotine gum to qualifying quitters.  

Register for a Smokers’ Helpline profile, and you will receive:

  • 2 NICODERM® Step 1 patches (21 mg);
  • 1 sleeve of 15 NICODERM® Fresh Fruit Gums (4 mg);
  • A discount coupon for $10 off the purchase of any two participating NICODERM® or NICODERM® products; and
  • An information card on combination therapy

:Hubby and I have been smoke free for over 6 years now! Visit the link to request your kit

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