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Kraft Dinner - Pumpkin Spice version.

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It’s almost October and with that comes the Pumpkin Spice season so many get excited about it. I am personally not a fan but to each their own. KD, also known as Kraft Dinner for some reason thought they should try a Pumpkin Spice version.


Pumpkin Spice KD


KD is giving 1000 lucky (I’m not sure I would use that word but it’s their giveaway so who am I to judge) Canadians a chance to try this stuff for FREE!!

If your looking forwards to ginger, allspice, nutmeg and cloves (I can barely type this) with the loyal taste of KD this is your chance!! VISIT HERE

Please if any of you are chosen and try it, oh please send us a review of it, a video would be perfect.


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Kraft Dinner