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Stock up on Janes while the limited supplies are in stores!

This is an amazing time to stock up on Janes products which have both chicken & fish options. (Actual real fish & chicken ). There are currently still some left on the shelf that has an amazing $4 coupon inside the box. It ends at the end of this month and there are a few amazing sales this week!! Inside the box, the chicken or fish product is inside a plastic bag to stay fresh. If you are like me and live out of town a bit, you may be inclined to take a bag to keep things cool and a pair of scissors!  Buy a couple, go to the car, put the product in the cook bag, cut out coupons and go get a few more boxes.

Sobeys & Super Store in Atlantic Canada have the Janes Fish on for $5.99, I had 2 coupons so I purchased 2, I found another one when I got home. Tomorrow I’ll grab 3 more packages, probably of the chicken so than I have a variety for the kids for Saturday lunch time. This week if you have the cash back app Caddle you can get up to $5 Cash Back when you buy 2 Janes Fish Products.  If you are not a member of Caddle you can sign up for free

Shoppers Drug Mart has Janes Chicken products on sale for $6.99 – $4 coupon = $2.99

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