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Shopper’s Voice 2020 is FINALLY HERE!!

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Enter For Chance To Win Get Coupons And Free Samples Get A Chance To Win $1,500 This Month. Take Our Online Survey Now! Start your 2020 Survey right here!!

Shopper’s Voice 2020 is FINALLY HERE!!

If you ever see me or others saying I got this sample or coupon and don’t know where it came from; it was probably from this. Well worth doing the yearly survey! Getting ready to do mine now 

Complete our survey and receive:   Free stuff tailored to you, including coupons, samples and special offers all year long   Instant money-saving flash rewards   A chance to win $1,500 this month.

** (this was 2019) I just completed mine and it asked if i would be interested in a Voltaren sample and the end page was “Thanks for completing the Shopper’s Voice® survey. We have rewards for you down below based on what you’ve told us!”

You’ll receive a welcome email in a few seconds followed by the rewards email in case you can’t use the rewards on this page right away.

It doesn’t end there – you’ll be eligible for coupons, free samples, and more special offers throughout the year. You’ve also been automatically entered into the Shopper’s Voice® sweepstakes for $1,500 in this month’s draw.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and your mail can be freebies, samples, coupons instead of bills from Shoppers Voice Canada!

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