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Temu hit the internet like snow in the winter, one day it was fall and the next day BOOM SNOW everywhere ! In this case, Temu was everywhere. Everyone one of your friends was sending you multiple requests, you were playing games, getting freebies and last but not least, the mail people everywhere had their trucks full of orange packages! Temu was an automatic hit!

Those of you who have decided that you don’t like Temu for various reasons, that’s completely your decision. This post is for people who use Temu and want to make the best out of the platform and pay the least and get as many free things as possible !!

Benefits of Temu:

  • Free shipping on all new orders and free shipping on all orders over $20
  • If your package doesn’t  come by your suggested delivery date; You get a $5 credit.
  • Check your special offers and there are often coupons available to use that save you a various amount depending on how much you spend.
  • You have a 90 day refund/return policy.
  • They also have a 30 day price adjustment guarantee. You simply click on your order and the picture and if its been a lower price, you can click price adjustment and it will automatically credit your account for the price difference.
  • There are tons of various games and promotions you can play to get higher value coupons and free items. Fishland and Farmland are among my favourite games, even though they take a while to complete, you can end up with free stuff.
  • 30% off for orders over $39 capped at $25. New Users Only
    Code: CANNEW30


Your friends can sign up via you with your code, mine is afm35496 which gives your friend a one time bonus towards free items. You can join Temu for FREE

For a limited time, new people can get a $100 Coupon Bundle when you sign up free!! Check it out

Once you get all signed up at Temu, how would you like to get 15% CASH BACK on every purchase !!

You can get 15% CASH BACK at TEMU!! Just visit Rakuten and access Temu though there for 15% Cash Back !! New Rakuten users also get $30 Cash Back when you spend $30 !! You also don’t need an app on your phone when your shopping via Rakuten on Temu, they direct you to a website!!

Sign up to Rakuten to get started saving not only at Temu but 750 other websites!! Why not earn an extra $30 while saving 15% Cash Back!!


Am I missing any secret tips I may be missing to make the most savings for everyone? Let me know and I’ll be happy to include the update to help more and more people save.


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